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Soilfloc® Sealant is the best polymer based sealant available for your canal, irrigation ditch or watering hole. Specifically designed to find leaks, whether in the floor, the wall or through rock formations and seal them. Soilfloc® custom blends linear and cross-linked polymers to seal any type of soil, for any sized project.

Muck Remover
The biological removal of muck and sludge from ponds, lakes and canals is an ecological way to eliminate organic sediments from ruining shorelines and making swimming impossible. Safe muck eating bacteria are blended from anaerobic bacterial mixtures and enzymes that specifically target the thick, black, stinky muck that is common in ponds and lakes.

Dock Bubblers
Bubbler systems use perforated tubing placed at the bottom of the water around a boathouse, dock or wall. When using diffuser lines to protect your dock from ice damage there will be some fairly common installation procedures: place the air compressor in a ventilated cabinet or shed and run an airline to the structure where a weighted bubbler hose is placed at strategic points around the dock or against the wall.

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Where Can I Buy Pond Magician?

I am a  returniing customer from Watertown TN.  When will the Pond Magician be available again.  Best thing I have ever used.  I tell everyone about it.  Please let me know as I am just aboutout of product.

Please let me know when you get in a shipment of Pond Magician.  I am interested in purchasing a gallon.  This stuff really works and I have been using it in my pond for the past 6 years.

Martha & Fred
asked by anonymous

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1 Answer

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We have had many clients ask about Pond Magician! We started selling it 4 years ago and the feedback was amazing. We were a bit skeptical because when the word "magic" is involved in any pon product we start to ask questions because we've seen our share of snake oils in the pond business to remain skeptical!

The thing is about Pond Magician is that every one of the clients who bought it from us kept buying it year after year. So all we could assume is that it worked...and when clients called us to re-order and comment on the effectiveness of Pond Magician we could only say "lets order more of this stuff because we can get rich selling it!"

The manufacturer seems to have discontinued their production as of 2016 and we have tried to encourage them to bring back their products which included: Pond Magician,  Magic Sinkers,  Aquarium Magician.

Because we can no longer supply these products we can offer some substitutes which are manufactured by reputable suppliers with the USA for USA ponds and we carry these and use them ourselves and can ship them immediately and with free shipping..

For general similarities in products that would be equal to the Pond Magician please see our updated listing of pond clarifiers and bacteria products here: http://www.thepondreport.com/store/pond-bacteria
answered by TPR
edited by TPR

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