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Toring Turbine aerator?

I have a customer that is interested in installing aeration in their farm pond.  They did some research over the winter and came across an aerator called the Toring Turbine - https://www.toring.com/en/basic-aerator-information/.  

Do you guys have any knowledge of this technology and how it compares to diffuse aeration for a pond of 12' depth?  My thoughts are that it would be much more expensive to run that a RVC and would not be as appropriate as a diffuse aerator for a pond this deep. Any thoughts?

Ed Osterhuber

Coon Hollow Lawn & Pond Services, LLC

asked by anonymous

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1 Answer

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The Toring Turbine system takes the aspiration concept to a whole new level by using a seemingly proprietary intake turbine system to draw air and disperse the airflow through the turbine which creates an extreme fine bubble mass that is directed to a pond via a moulded canopy or suspended in wastewater via floats.

The Toring system may not be new but is more of an improved variation of the aspiration style of aeration that has been used for years.

As far as a viable aeration concept for your client it would depend on numerous factors: a 12 foot deep pond that is 1/2 an acre or 500,000 gallons sustaining carp or bass may require a bottom style diffuser system to maintain and sustain fish populations. The total number of pounds of fish would allow us to determine the best system.

As you can see in the Youtube videos of the Toring System they can create noise as they seem to operate with a standard electric motor with a shaft mounted revolution shaft directed towards the bubble creation plate. The system may provide an exceptional aeration for ponds but it would depend on the application and surrounds of the placement of the Toring Aeration System as the aesthetics of the system do not equal the subtle, low-key placement of a small air pump hidden behind a rock to feed a few CFM to some bottom diffusers in a pond to keep the fish alive and water clear.

Overall we have found the Touring technology to be superior and viable but limitations could be incurred due to noise and structural deployment implications. If your client needs to insert a directional conpy to a ensure a dock mounted motor that spins a shaft at the shore to aerate a pond then it is either a good solution or an over-priced and excessive solution.

Toring Turbines are another example of an air diffusion system for ponds lakes and tanks. Of course they provide a trademark and a website that is responsive with all the bells and whistles but in the end we feel it is another "brand" in the aeration device market and in no way can beat all or every aeration systems.

The concept might have the university degree behind it but as my grandma used to say: "Just put some bubbles in the pond"!

The Toring Aeration systems have a stellar efficiency rate but you don't always need to have this sort of complex system especially on a farm pond where a tractor drive system can hook up a spinning shaft with some splashing blades and provide an equivalent aeration for a small farm pond.
answered by TPR

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