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The biological removal of muck and sludge from ponds, lakes and canals is an ecological way to eliminate organic sediments from ruining shorelines and making swimming impossible. Safe muck eating bacteria are blended from anaerobic bacterial mixtures and enzymes that specifically target the thick, black, stinky muck that is common in ponds and lakes.

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Bubbler systems use perforated tubing placed at the bottom of the water around a boathouse, dock or wall. When using diffuser lines to protect your dock from ice damage there will be some fairly common installation procedures: place the air compressor in a ventilated cabinet or shed and run an airline to the structure where a weighted bubbler hose is placed at strategic points around the dock or against the wall.

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How can I stop my pond level from dropping?

Hi, Thanks so much for providing this service!

Our pond has a few algae problems but the main problem is that the springs have clogged up or were never strong enough to keep it full. Every season we loose a few feet by August. What can we do?

Can we have it dug out while it is still partially full? Thanks!

Yours truly,



asked by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Hello Gam,

Thanks for writing and we appreciate your comments! We try and help when we can!
If your pond is fed by natural springs and the pond is not staying full then it could be because of drier than normal conditions which is reducing the water in the water-table or if it is extra hot without rain it could also be due to evaporation or even a leak in the pond.

Because your pond is always lower in August it could be just the lack of available water and not a leak. Digging deeper wouldn't necessarily help the situation. In fact what we have done a few times where the water level is low is to actually lower the edges of the pond! Instead of trying to fill it up just make the pond edges a bit lower until you reach the average level. P

ut a new outflow or level control structure to maintain the water level and replant the banks so the pond will appear fuller!

Of course if there is a leak in the pond you may want to try bentonite (see the question on a leaking pond on this page) which is an injectable pond sealant. If the algae problems are a concern we have many products that we recommend on our website that would be helpful, I can recommend the best for your pond if you'd like. Another option for keeping the water full is to use a surface well with a pump to feed your pond. There are some good submersible well pumps, even solar ones, that can help pump fresh water to your pond and keep the levels high.

Best regards,


answered by TPR

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