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Soilfloc® Sealant is the best polymer based sealant available for your canal, irrigation ditch or watering hole. Specifically designed to find leaks, whether in the floor, the wall or through rock formations and seal them. Soilfloc® custom blends linear and cross-linked polymers to seal any type of soil, for any sized project.

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The biological removal of muck and sludge from ponds, lakes and canals is an ecological way to eliminate organic sediments from ruining shorelines and making swimming impossible. Safe muck eating bacteria are blended from anaerobic bacterial mixtures and enzymes that specifically target the thick, black, stinky muck that is common in ponds and lakes.

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Bubbler systems use perforated tubing placed at the bottom of the water around a boathouse, dock or wall. When using diffuser lines to protect your dock from ice damage there will be some fairly common installation procedures: place the air compressor in a ventilated cabinet or shed and run an airline to the structure where a weighted bubbler hose is placed at strategic points around the dock or against the wall.

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Where can I get replacement props for my bubbler?

I have a couple questions:

I have 2 bubblers from WDA Products in Keswick, Ontario. I need new propellers for them and WDA doesn't seem to be in business. Any idea where I can get props?

Is it recommended to put the bubblers in before the ice or can you drill a hole in the ice and put them in before the ice breaks up 3- I have a boathouse and a couple of docks. Width wise it covers about 80 feet across and they come out about 30 feet.

Will one bubbler do?

There's 8 feet of water at the end of the docks/boathouse and 1-2 feet at the shore.


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1 Answer

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I'm not sure if WDA Products in Keswick, Ontario is even open anymore. It's been a while since we've had any information from them.

Try contacting a Kasco dealer in your area, they have props that may fit. Or maybe consider a new unit ( a 1/2 HP unit can be found for less than $550) Most people put the de-icer in before the freeze but you can cut a hole in the ice and insert the de-icer (properly mooring the device of course) and it will quickly open a huge hole in the ice. With an 8 foot depth I would use a single 1/2 HP de-icer as a best price option.

The de-icer with the thermostat control would be less than $750. You probably have a dealer in your area as the Kasco deicers are available everywhere from Ebay to Amazon.

More information on Kasco deicers and bubblers.



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