Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicers

Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicers
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Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicers by Bearon Aquatics (formerly known as Powerhouse Inc). are perfect for preventing costly ice damage due to jacking/lifting, ice expansion, and winter-kill conditions. Bearon Aquatics De-Icers are industrial strength and designed and engineered to withstand the harshest marine environments making Ice Eater thrusting agitators the best and most affordable in the marketplace.

The most energy effcient submersed agitation type of deicer available today!

With four sizes of 1/4 HP, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, and 1 HP and units available in 115V or 230V, Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Bearon Aquaticseasily fit your location and electrical requirements. Ice Eaters®  can be suspended by ropes (included), mounted on an optional Dock Mount kit for operation in many conditions.

Model Size Voltage Running Amps
Running Amps
Shipping Weight (lbs.) Typical Open Area*


1/4 hp 115/230V 2.5 1.25 25 lbs. 20' to 25 ' Diameter Circle


1/2hp 115/230V 5.0 2.5 35 lbs. 25' to 40' Diameter Circle


3/4hp 115/230V 4.7 2.35 44 lbs. 30' to 60' Diameter Circle


1hp 115/230V 7.0 3.5 45 lbs. 50' to 80' Diameter Circle

* Small bodies of water, the Great Lakes, and extreme northern climates may see less open water areas. Typical ice opening will average 3 - 6  feet in diameter for every 12 inches to 18" inches of submergence depending on air temperatures, winds and Ice Eater positioning and angle.


Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Bearon Aquatics come complete for suspended operation from a dock or boat in either a vertical or angled position. The angled operation by suspended method or with optional flotation unit produces an elongated pattern of agitated water. A vertical positioning produces a circular pattern. Vertical positioning of the De-Icer works well under boats and docks or between slips and boats.

Adjusting the angle of the Ice Eater suspension is done by simply looping one suspension rope back one or two ribs on the propeller cage. Angled operation can be used to de-ice shallow water areas. This will direct the flow warmer water from a deeper area into the shallower area. Remember, an Ice Eater De-Icer works because it draws warmer, denser water from the bottom and circulates it upward to the surface, preventing ice formation or melting existing ice.

It is often easier to de-ice a boat by installing the de-icer at or near the bow, angled toward the stern. If the water flow is directed toward the shore or a retaining wall, it will flair, forming a desirable"T" shape de-icing pattern.

In tidal waters, split the difference in water depth so the De-Icer is in shallow water at low tide and deep water at high tide. Or, tie your Ice Eater to the boat and allow the boat and Ice Eater to rise and fall with the tide.



Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Bearon Aquatics Features

  • New highly efficient, with the lowest power consumption of any deiceron the market.
  • Patented Heavy Duty PVC design for superior motor amd prop protection.
  • Engineered with reliable, low maintenance components.
  • Endbell made of bronze means long life with no warping or cracking.
  • Industrial strength components stand up to long-term, continuous use.
  • Resists corrosion in harsh salt or mineral water with replaceable Zinc Anode.
  • Dielectric environtmentally friendly lubricating fluid provides maintenance-free, non-toxic and biodegradeable lubrication.
  • Easy, one person installation. Comes with everything you need for suspended operation right out of the box, including two suspension ropes.
  • Supports vertical or angled mounting for maximum de-icing configurations.
  • Easy-to-replace power cords in varying lengths.
  • Optional thermostat to minimize electric bills.
  • Optional dock mount kits for a customized de-icer installation.
  • ETL approval to stringent UL and CSA Standards.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 3-Year Warranty. The Best Warranty in the Industry.

Optional Dock Mount & Pole Mount Kit

Pole & Dock Mount

  • Fits Bearon Aquatics (formerly Power House, Inc) Ice Eater models: .75-hp & 1-hp
  • Adjusts Ice Eater angle in 20° increments from horizontal to vertical with full 360° positioning
  • Steel mounting base, bale & pipe holder are all powder-coated twice to protect against corrosion
  • Includes mounting base, bail with clevis pins & clips, pipe holder with bolts & nuts, plus tightening handle
  • Maxiumum pole length is 6’ to provide secure mounting & prevents pole from bending
  • Connection pipe is not included (due to shipping limitations); 1-5/16” galvenized or stainless steel is recommended (stainless steel should be used for salt water applications)

Customer to provide appropriate lag screws or u-bolts to secure mount to dock, piling, pole or bulkhead


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