Solar Aerator Parts List

Build a solar direct pond aerator using cheap solar air pumps and direct current oilless compressors
Small Solar Pumps For Water Gardens & BackYard Ponds | 12 Volt DC Air Pumps

Note: This instruction guide to building a solar pond aeration system is a guide only. We are specialists in aeration and not specialists in solar power systems.

The following list of parts and supplies will enable you to build a cheap solar pond but we are unable to help diagnose or service any solar systems. There is contact information at the bottom of this page if you need help with solar componants.

We are providing this information mainly for those of you who are fairly handy with tools and have a basic knowledge of electronics, tools and are able to work on their own at problem solving.
I have so many people asking me for directions to build a solar aerator for their pond. It's unbelievable the number of people who have a pond and who want to be able to run a small DC 12 volt air pump or fountain using solar power.

The idea is great! Use a small solar panel to run a fountain or air pump to move the water and add precious oxygen and increase the circulation in the pond! The idea is sound but the reality of solar power and building a solar pond are quite different.

The cost of an effective and reliable solar powered system is many times more than a comparable electric system.


Uses no batteries. Provides 0.5 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow at 3 PSI. Suitable for small ponds with a maximum depth of 6 feet.
The list of parts in the system includes everything needed to build the system. Basically the layout of the small aeration system is according to this instruction diagram which goes from left to right

85W Solar Panel
Panel Stand
Panel Wire Connectors
Lugs For Connection
Switch/Load Center


System Wiring
Linear Current Booster
DC Air Pump
Tubing & 1 Diffuser

Solar Direct Drive 12 Volt DC Solar Aeration Systems

Solar powered aeration systems for remote ponds and lakes where power is not available, too expensive, or if you are off grid. Where a windmill isn't viable the solar direct systems, requiring no batteries, are also an environmentally conscious solution.

These plug and play solar systems come complete with high efficiency solar panels, energy efficient compressor, high volume cooling fans, fully adjustable manifold housed in weatherprrof ventilated cabinet. Diffusers are micro-bubble technology, self-cleaning, non-clogging membrane diffusers emit millions of tiny bubbles that increase dissolved oxygen levels while eliminating stratification, improving water quality and clarity. The systems are available as solar direct systems with 12 volt direct current pumps or as a hybrid solar/ac system that will operate with solar power when possible but will automatically switch to AC power when there is not enough sunlight to operate the DC pump.

Battery Free operation. We have eliminated the expense of rechargeable batteries and charge controllers by offering a direct drive (DD) aeration system. This reduces your cost along with the maintenance issues associated with a lot of extra components. Each system includes 2 panels with aluminum mounting brackets and adjustable pole bracket with variable angle configuration, compressor(s), an OWS DD solar controller module, heavy duty steel cabinet with locks, mounting pole, solar power disconnect switch, cooling fans, pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve. Each DD solar aerator can be operated by itself and totally independent of other aeration systems or it can be combined with a windmill aeration system to give you a longer operating time each day. It can also be combined with an electric aerator or windmill and electric aerator combo.

More Information

I know I know, often we want to use alternative energy sources because we want to reduce our greenhouse carbonized footprint or whatever it is they call it these days and I agree that it is a noble and worthwhile goal. Unfortunatly the reality is this and I beg you to listen closely before you decide to go on the trail of building your own solar bubbler or aerator:

Solar power is more expensive initially than an electric system

Did you read that? Maybe you should read it again?

Solar powered aerations systems can cost three and four and five times more than an equivalent electric system. Of course it depends on the cost per kilowatt hour in your state or privince, where I am it is around 12 cents per kw/h, but even at the price of electricity it should be understood that a do it yourself diy solar airiation system will not be cheap as far as the initial purchase goes...but once it's bought you don't pay anything else!!Or do you? DC air pumps will burn out quicker than regular AC air pumps so you can expect to replace your burnt out DC pump maybe every 6 to 18 months..the good thing is is that DC pumps are cheap and you can buy a Thomas DC pump or a SweetH2O pump for between $100 and $500 so the cost of replacing these little beggers isn't too bad!

Ok...if you really want to build your on and build your own solar aerator. If you have access to some of the parts then you can just buy what you need and save retail pricing and buy wholesale.
Here is the breakdown of parts needed to build your do it yourself d.i.y solar pond aerator:

Find a Solar Panel

Kyocera KC85T 85W 12V Solar Panel with J-Box
KYOCERA solar modules are a reliable, virtually maintenance-free power supply designed to convert sunlight into electricity at the highest possible efficiency. KYOCERA began researching photovoltaics in 1975 and has installed thousands of systems throughout the world since 1978. These systems are ideal for charging storage batteries to power remote homes, recreational vehicles, boats, telecommunications systems and other consumer and commercial applications. KYOCERA's advanced cell-processing technology and automated production facilities produce highly efficient multi-crystal photovoltaic modules. To protect the cells from the most severe environmental conditions, they are encapsulated between a tempered glass cover and an EVA pottant with a PVF back sheet. The entire laminate is installed in an anodized aluminum frame for structural strength and ease of installation.

25 Watt & 80 Watt
DC Air Pumps

Price Includes USA Shipping

These direct current air pumps both come with 12" pigtails for connection to your battery or solar electrical system. Also includes 6" of outlet hose (3/8" ID) and a plastic manifold. More info
80 Watt DC Air Compressor
Price Includes USA Shipping

These 12V workhorses have proven to be the most reliable pumps we've used. These high-flow, high-pressure compressors come with 9" pigtail wiring for quick connection to your your battery or current controller. Each one includes 2 feet of 3/8" ID outlet hose and an air inlet filter. They are oilless with ball bearing construction and low amperage draw. More info

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Solar Converters Ppt 12/24-10A, 12/24V Lin Curr Booster
Used to control and power a DC motor from a solar panel. The unit prevents stalling of the motor under less than full sun condition. The power of the sun is transformed to the motor running conditions so as the sun goes down the motor slows down instead of stalling. Conversely, or as the sun comes up the motor starts running much earlier instead of staying stalled for hours when it could be running. This translates into more running time of the motor where it spends a lot of time working instead of stalled doing no work.
Power: PV and Load 6 inch # 16 AWG flying leads Input: Red = PV +, Black = PV - Output: White = Pump +, Blue = Pump - Signal: float switch, 12/24 V select 6 inch # 24 flying leads yellow: connect to PV - = OFF for float switch operation 6 inch # 24 flying leads purple: connect to PV - = 24 V operation disconnected = 12 V operation 6 inch # 24 flying leads orange: connect to PV - = 30 V output limit disconnected = 15 V output limit

USE-2/RHW-2, 1 conductor 10awg per foot
Custom lengths of RHW2/USE2 cable for wiring solar panels with junction box connectors. Sunlight-resistant, comes in black only. #10 AWG size with 7 strands RHW-2/USE-2 type wire Black 600V (UL listed) Sunlight resistant

Unirac 500024 Top of Pole 1 Module 22" Rail
Unirac Pole Top Mounts for PV Modules Each PV PoleTop™ installation is rated as a full system by UniRac's proprietary engineering analysis software, which factors in rack model number, type and number of PV modules, array tilt angle, and mounting pole characteristics. PV PoleTops are the only poletop line in the PV industry to offer the durability of all-aluminum components. All use installation-friendly SolarMount™ rails for great strength over long spans.

Square D QO24L70RB Square D QO Load Center
Square D outdoor rated load centers can be used for multiple purposes, for wiring that meets the National Electric Code (NEC). Can be used as an AC load center or sub-panel. Not supplied with any breakers.

Burndy Products BIBS4-3 Multiple Wire Terminal, Clear
Inline splices are made quickly and easily with the UNITAP line of connectors. UL 486b listed, dual rated AL9CU for any stranded copper or aluminum applications. Rated to 600V and 90° C. Use these insulated terminal bars in place of wire nuts for photovoltaic or other electrical applications. These are often used in DC disconnect switchgear to act as negative busbar and / or to splice in lighting arrestors.

1/2" Strain Relief with 1 Round Hole
Use the 1/2" threaded connectors to provide a waterproof entrance or exit for wiring on PV module junction boxes, outdoor combiner boxes, and junction boxes. Use the 3/4"connector for larger cables up to 5/8"diameter. They are made of Nylon with Buna-N seals and are resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, ether, esters, ketones, and mineral, animal and vegetable oils. The threads are 1/2"or 3/4"NPT. Non-corrosive and suitable for direct burial installations. The two-hole 1/2"connector is designed for use with two #10 or #12 type USE conductors like the ones used for MultiContact PV output cables. UL listed. Suitable for use in NEMA 4, 6 and 12 applications. Locknuts not included.

Burndy Products TP10-10F 12-10 Fork Lug
Fork tongue design. Faster installation - screw needs only to be loosened for termination.

Square D QO110, 10 Amp, 1 Pole, Circuit Breaker
QO circuit breakers snap into QO load centers and are designed for surface mounting. They are UL listed for DC branch circuits up to 48 VDC (not for use in 48V systems). They can also be used for 120VAC (1-pole) circuits. They can handle one or two #14 to #10 wires or one #8 wire.

Buying Solar Pumps & Aeration System Approximate Cost

64-watt solar panels at some solar stores can retail from $600 - $2000
We recommend the following for the best value in Cheap Solar Panels
15 Watts Solar Panel:$129, 30 Watt Solar Panel:$260, 75 Watt Solar Panel:$350
For larger scale pumping, off-grid systems and cabin power systems we use the larger 165 watt solar panels: 165 WATT Mitsubishi Solar Panels

220-amp hour 6-volt battery $130 -$360 depending on quality
Air compressor $300 - $2500 depending on durability and included components
Control regulator and LVD $250 - $800 depending on quality and durability
1/2 inch air line (weighted) $120 - $250 depending on length and flexibility and memory of material
Air diffuser $65-$500 depends on size and water volume moved

Of course, the mountings for panels, enclosures for batteries and compressor can be purchased from your local dealer. The system can be permanently located at the site or mounted on a trailer for easy relocation if livestock or cattle or involved. While pond aeration systems are usually maintained on site the winter watering systems are known for being moved from pond to pond.
A linear current booster is required to combine the solar direct power from the panels to the DC powered pump and this is usually a simple system that can be picked up at a local supplier of parts designed for alternative power sources.

Your typical aerator includes a bubble diffuser which can be a EPDM type disc diffuser of nine or twelve in diameter membrane diffuser or an airstone or any manner of diffuser tubing also known as diffuser line, de-icing hose or bubbler line. While many systems can include a length of airline, often 100 feet, there is the self sinking weighted tubing variety of airline that makes installation much easier. Standard airline will float and it is rare that one of my clients will decide to buy regular poly plastic tubing instead of the weighted tubing because it makes installation so much simpler. Still, if saving money is a priority you should use floating airline available for about 30 cents per foot at the local hardware store instead of self-sinking tubing that costs from $1.15 TO $2.25 per foot.

For those of you who want to go beyond the solar direct system there exists many retailers who specialize in solar pond systems that include deep cell battery operated systems that can provide continuous aeration over 8 to 12 hours per day due to their deep cycle battery systems. Fundamentally these solar pumps are the same but instead of operating only when sunlight hits the solar panels they have the ability to charge deep cell batteries during the sunny hours of the day and can operate the pump during times when there is no light which is often preferable as aeration systems an their best will function only during the evening hours when their is no chance for aquatic plants to contribute oxygen due to photosynthesis.

Parts would Include the following:
Kyocera KC85T 85W 12V Solar Panel with J-Box
Unirac 500024 Top of Pole 1 Module 22" Rail
1/2" Strain Relief with 1 Round Hole
Burndy Products TP10-10F 12-10 Fork Lug - Two Required
Square D QO24L70RB Square D QO Load Center
Square D QO110, 10 Amp, 1 Pole, Circuit Breaker
USE-2/RHW-2, 1 conductor 10awg per foot -20 feet included
Solar Converters Ppt 12/24-10A, 12/24V Lin Curr Booster
80W DC 12V Air Pump
50' Weighted Airline
6" Silicone Fine Bubble Diffuser
Tubing Clamps

Small Solar Pumps For Water Gardens & BackYard Ponds | 12 Volt DC Air Pumps

**Note: You must accept that creating and building and setting up a solar aeration system is a very very VERY complicated affair and while we are offering the parts and instructions on how to build your system we cannot provide ANY help or installation guides. If you wish to have a simple, turn-key system then please contact someone else as we are unable to privide any help beyond this list of products and parts. Any failure of the system to function as expressed, implied or as desired is not gauranteed. Solar aeration systems are a very touchy and persnickety project so if you wish to buy or purchase from us then please do so at your own risk. We have provided a list of parts and instructions but do not imply or warranty that this will actually work!

Beyond the need for aeration I am also asked constantly about solar pumps for fountains. Most floating mountains or even fixed base submersible fountains require large horsepower pumps to drive thick columns of water through brass nozzles to create dramatic effects and to create a large display such as a crown and geyser display using a solar pump is not financially feasible. Of course there are pumps that can be simply placed into a pond or dugout and with the addition of a brass fountain nozzle can create dramatic displays of height but the limitations of amperage inherent in solar pumps means that only smaller water bodies like water gardens can even entertain the concept of a solar fountain.

Solar fountains just don't have the power to push water beyond more than a few feet above the water level unless they are large scale and typically expensive systems.

Even when I visit a eutrophic pond in need of major treatment I inevitably come upon the question of solar systems designed to power cottages or country homes. There are cottage and complete solar systems that retailers create that include homemade packaged photovoltaic power systems from 50 to over 2000 watts that are perfect for providing full power for small cottages and vacation homes. These store bought systems usually come complete with cutting edge solar modules, controllers, mounting hardware, batteries, wiring and installation guides. Basically all you need is a few basic tools and a few hours to build your solar installation. Most of these systems are expandable especially if you consult a local solar dealer for tips and ideas on building a do it yourself solar system! You can always add on more solar modules at a later time or improve your system with a windmill or a micro-hydro turbine if you have running water on your property.

If you are thinking of adding more solar modules in the future it may be wise to select a pole-mounting structure capable of holding additional solar panels and choosing a voltage controller capable of handling the additional power. There are standby-grid-tie systems that not only allow you to feed power back to the grid, but it will also offer you the security of back-up power in the event of a power failure. During sunny days the solar array mounted on your roof for example, will feed extra electrical power back to the utility grid. In many provinces and states you may be able to sell your excess electricity to them via the hydro electric lines. During a blackout or major ice storm or even a terrorist attack the systems deep cell battery bank will provide you with the electricity to run multiple loads including furnaces, refrigerators, lighting, computers, televisions and phones for homes cottages and small businesses.

Where can solar aeration be used?
Most Solar aeration systems are custom-built for ponds and lakes when AC power or an air line from a AC powered system is not practical. The Solar panels can be designed and sized easily to supply power to a water pump or a combination bubbler and water pump.

Designing a solar aeration system
Designing a solar powered system can be done quite easily. For example, a pond of 2,400,000 litres or 650 000 gallons can be properly aerated with a minimum of 0.5 - 1.0 CFM (cubic feet per minute) at a minimum but if we can provide up to 4 CFM we can create multiple aeration zones by using multiple diffusers. Again, the limitations of the DC compressor are the key variable. For proper solar system design, the compressor size and combined power requirements should be calculated for correct aeration. Once these mathematics are calculated, the precise number of solar panels, wattage and batteries can be determined and implemented.

I have designed a standard indication showing the approximate component costs for a solar powered aeration system.

The following formula is often used to determine the number of solar panels required.
Example: (based on Canadian summer use) An average Canadian summer day will provide about 6.0-6.5 hours of charging time equaling a 12-volt compressor rated load of 3.8 amps (45.6 W) per hour.

To determine the number of panels using the formula, the following is calculated. 12v x 3.8amps x 24hr x 1.1bf = 1,204 Watt/hrs Based on this initial calculation, three solar panels will be required. This assumes use of 64-watt panels, which produce (64 watts x 6 hrs) 384 Watt-hrs per day. Therefore, (1,204 ÷ 384) = 3.1, round to three panels.

When installing a solar powered aeration or watering system, one should determine the number of batteries needed or calculate how much deep charge battery power is required during cloudy periods or if the panels are disconnected. This calculation will depend largely on how often the system is inspected and I recommend a battery storage capacity of three to five days.

In this generic example, if four days of storage are required and a six-volt 220-amp hour battery is being used, then you should calculate the number of batteries needed using the following formula: Load: volts multiplied by amps (Watts) Duty cycle: running time percent Run time: length of time required To determine the number of batteries using the formula, the following is calculated: 45.6w x 1.0 x 96 hours = 4377.6 Watt/hrs The number of 220 A/hr batteries required is 3.32, rounded up to four. This is achieved because a 220 A/hr battery holds (220 A/ hr x 6v) 1320 Watt/hrs, which, when divided into reserve capacity equals 3.32 batteries to get four days of reserve capacity.

I recommend using six volt batteries because they provide the best storage life. For a 12-volt system, the batteries must be used in increments of two in series equaling 12 volts; and for a 24- volt system, increments of four in series that equal 24 volts are required. Cost of Solar Aeration Depending on the system components used, pond solar aeration can vary from as low as $1,900 (solar direct - with no battery storage) to $18,500 for 24-hour aeration using multiple diffusers or shallow linear aeration diffuser tubing.

Some interesting links on solar power and solar aeration:

1. Solar-Powered Dugout Aeration
"Solar Power (Photovoltaic, PV) Photovoltaic, known as PV, relates to the production of electric current at the junction of two substances exposed to light. Photovoltaic systems consist of solar arrays (solar panel) that convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity, which can be used directly or stored in batteries.

Most DC systems are 6, 12 or 24 volts, or by using an inverter can be converted to alternating current (AC). Solar panels consist of silicon cells, which have no moving parts, are durable and have a life expectancy of 25 years or more. Most solar arrays begin delivering power or charging batteries with as little as 10% of sunlight with each cell of the array converting approximately 14% of the available energy to DC power. "
Government issued information on solar powered aeration:

2. Solar Pond Aeration and pond aeration.

"Turnkey solar power pond aeration systems are a good alternative to a windmill pond aeration system. SC Solar has been providing solar pond aeration systems for years. Solar lake bed aeration is extremely important to the health of isolated ponds. Golf course pond and farm pond stagnation problems are eliminated with our solar pond aeration systems.

We also use the aeration system for the hog waste industry problems to increase the decomposition of swine and other livestock waste issues. Call to discuss your hog waste lagoon options. SC solar may have the answer that you have been looking for. ."
Solar supply store.

3. Solar Water Pumps, Solar Fountains & Solar Waterfalls
"Solar fountain pumps can be used to create solar powered waterfall, pond and well projects. Crucial to the appearance of a well-designed garden is the lighting system and water features selected to enhance it. Silicon Solar is the proud manufacturer of a variety of solar fountains and solar water pumps.

Below you will find wholesale, manufacture-direct prices on solar powered pumps & fountain kit sets. We also carry a large selection of cascading fountains and many other complete fountain kits. With our unique solar fountains, we provide a wide selection of water pumps and other items that can be used in creating waterfalls in many landscape projects."

4. Solar Pond Bubbler Works At Night
"The solar panel activates the pump automatically and provides nearly continuous aeration. Our Solar Bubbler Pump Kits come complete with 0.09 cfm submersible bubbler, anchoring attachments, 16 feet of air tubing and a 0.5 amp, 18 V solar panel. A standard 12 volt car battery (not included) is also required. Yep, it works at night! The battery is charged (continuous operation requires 4 hours/day of direct unfiltered sunshine, 40 watt/hrs) by the built-in solar panel while allowing the pump to run continuously for up to *2 weeks of cloudy days (rainy days provide more oxygen/mixing than many aerators) and indefinitely through the evenings on sunny days.

That's right our unit is designed to maximize the use of the built-in solar panel to charge your standard 12 volt car battery while operating the bubbler. Other units on the market do not operate at night or require you to buy several additional solar panels and elaborate battery stacks and control systems that cost thousands of dollars to do what we do with every single unit. They just don't get it, you need our aeration that operates 24/7, not theirs that only operates during the daylight hours."

5. Solar Power Kits For Your Dream Cabin
"We definitely understand the need of many to have a small off-grid solar powered cabin away from the cities and tucked away where you can escape the worries of everyday living. You probably built it yourself or played a major part in it's construction and whether it's made of straw bale, brick, wood, or some other form of alternative construction, it would probably be just a little homier with a little sunshine generated electricity. Well, we can sure help there... What you see here is a just a few of the entry level solar cabin kits we offer. We are happy to offer free quotes on solar cabin and solar home power systems of any size. "

Government issued information:
""This pilot project is an exciting next step in solar energy becoming a mainstream technology in Canada," said ARISE President Ian MacLellan. "Last year in Japan, there were more than 25,000 solar homes built and more than 100,000 systems have been installed since 1994.

This project will show in the Canadian context that solar energy can also make a significant contribution to the environment, reduce consumers' expenses and increase home comfort." ."
Government issued information:

Popular Battery Operated Pumps and Solar Pond Aerator Compressors
Small Solar Pumps For Water Gardens & BackYard Ponds | 12 Volt DC Air Pumps
Pur Water
Simple DC air pumps look like a decent copy of a Thomas type blower built in to the dugout solar aerator developed by Kelln Solar:
Specifications Capacity: Aerates a 2 million gallon dugout @15ft Output: 2.9CFM Power Source: Solar Direct Compressor: Pur-Water Diaphragm continuous-duty cycle - dual Bleeder Valve System Voltage: 12V Mounting: In dugout Warranty: System - 1 year, Panels - 20 years Suitable for medium vegetation Items included with each system Pur-Water Compressor 12" Diffuser c/w Check Valve 4-50 Watt Solar Panel Panel Stand 8A Linear Current Booster Enclosure - weatherproof Spare diaphragm kit 50ft weighted hose, 50ft ¾” poly-hose

The Thomas Pumps are used in many homemade pond aerators like the series of systems available from aeration companies who often put together their own brand of aeration systems using common parts. For example: Solar Aeration System includes: 2 - 120 W Suntech Solar panels 1 - double panel stand (does not include the post) 2 - connectors (all required connectors between panels, cables and booster) 1 - electric cable (10 meters, 30 feet long) 1 - vented wooden cabinet (treated wood with screened air vents) 1 - DC (direct current) air compressor from Thomas* 1 - linear current booster (15 AMP 12/24 Vdc) 1 - low pressure relief valve 1 - diffuser assembly (two 9" membrane discs on a self sinking base) or 50' of diffuser line, de-icing hose or bubbler line 1 - set of connectors and clamps for standard installation * Thomas 12V Compressor: Oilless diaphragm 12 Volts (one year warranty) 2.05 CFM open flow 1.70 CFM @ 5 psi 1.35 CFM @ 10 psi 0.90 CFM @ 15 psi

The Sunmotor company does a good job of designing and building systems. Features of their construction Operates on solar panels or batteries Simple, rugged components Long life, low maintenance Explosion-proof rating available Custom designs upon request Applications Ventilation Aeration Sparging Soil vapour extraction

Not sure who makes their 814 high volume compressor but they seem to work well in their all inclusive systems. ,The SB-1 Solear® Lake Bed Aeration System has been designed for smaller pond and lake applications up to 1 Surface Acre in Size. The SB-1 package system includes, 1-120 watt solar panel, 1-814 high volume compressor, wiring harness, 30 amp charge control center, adjustable manifold, 1 each-9 in duraplate™ non-clogging maintenance free diffuser, small fiberglass cabinet with sound reduction package, 1-210 amp hour deep cycle solar batteries, fittings package, 12/24 volt smart box convertor, no tubing included and 2.5 in SP mounting structure. Customer to furnish a single 2.5" sch 40 steel pipe 8-10 feet length for mounting solar panels. Optional automatic solar tracking system available. Upto 20 hours per day run time. Fully automatic system.

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