Pond Dyes: Aesthetics & Growth Control

Concentrated pond dyes can reduce plant and weed growth and enhance aesthetics
The use of aquatic dyes or pond and lake water colorants is an interesting concept that has some value for helping prevent algae and to reduce the proliferation of certain unwanted aquatic plants and slime.

These products work on many levels, and as we review the different products you can buy we will discuss the positive and negative aspects of adding pond dyes to your water, but the principal benefit of using a product like AquaShade, BluZyme, Crystal Blue, Bio Black or many of the other brand name mixtures is that you are blocking out the red-orange and blue-violet spectrum from the sunlight.

This is natural radiant light in the spectrum that can contribute to the growth of algae; also, by blocking the sunlight we can reduce the sun rays that hit the bottom of the pond, as the water is more opaque, thus we are reducing the warming effects of the sun compared to a untreated pond.

Adding dyes to the pond is also for esthetics and often that is the main reason for golf course owners or public pond owners who use it to decide to add the colorant.

It can hide the shallow plants and algae that may be growing and in cases of wedding photos or public areas it can turn a muddy gray water into a bright blue or reflective black surface that often looks much better.

I often have clients who have small children or grandchildren who want to use the blue mixes for their pond just because the kids don't want to venture into the water when the color is gray and once the BluZyme or AquaShade is added the little ones think the water looks great!

Concentrated Lake Dye is the professional strength, concentrated lake colorant formulated to treat commercial ponds, farm ponds, small lakes and other large water features.

This is the product we use for all our commercial clients as it offers the best value. This PK lake dye helps filters out the sunlight spectrum that can lead to algae and plant growth in ponds as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the water by offering a natural bluish look. This Liquid Lake Dye can be mixed even more quickly and evenly throughout the lake with the use of a fountain, aerator or similar device but will mix naturally within a few hours in a lake or large pond if no circulation system is available.

Concentrated Dye benefits
Natural blue look | Filters sunlight | Will not stain fish, birds, plants or pets once added to water | Non toxic | Compatible with most herbicides and algaecides | Safe for fish, plants, pets and people

To ensure your pond/ lake maintains a clear blue look, the use of beneficial pond bacteria is recommended in conjunction with dyes.

Application Rates
32 fluid ounces colors 1 surface acre of pond water between 4-8 ft. deep. To ensure fast, even distribution, apply product at multiple points in the pond. Reapply as needed. We recommend purchasing at least four 32 ounce jugs for every acre of pond size simply because we've seen so many clients decide they wanted to add more or less after the first 32 ounces was added. A single application will typically last from 3 to 8 weeks depending on the inflow and outflow of the pond.

Typical directions for use, warnings, dangers and advice
Always the follow the specific directions on the bottle, jar or jug. Most of these products have no restrictions for use in Canada or the United State of America but most manufacturers suggest not applying into ponds or lakes where there is an outflow into other private or public waters.

While most of these products, check with your local store when you buy your pond dyes, are safe for fish and plants, pets and animals they should never be used in an aquatic system that is used or connected to one that is used for human or animal consumption.

Certain exceptions apply but be like my Sister used to say, be careful what you put in the water, as come contaminate in the water are not discovered to be harmful until years after.

Black Veil® Extreme Dark Pond Dye For a Natural Deep Lake Appearance
Item # PR-OWD51 (4 x 1 quart supply) Each quart treats one acre up to 8 feet deep. Each quart Treats up to 1 million gallons for 120 days depending on inflow and outflow of pond or lake.

Thbest thing about Pond Keeper® concentrated lake dyes and Black Veil® concentrated pond dye is that the aquatic colorant is so concentrated that you only need 1/4 the amount of other pond dyes. One quart will treat 1 million gallons. The black dye is the most natural looking dye as it most mimics the hues and tones of a natural lake. Safe for birds, fish and humans this dye has no algeacides or herbicides. Effect can last for up to four months. Non-toxic.

Applying these products in larger ponds can be as simple as gently pouring the concentrated liquid direct from the one or five gallon jugs right off the back of your boat. If you have a fountain or aerator try and get close to it to allow the circulation of the diffuser mixing to do the brunt of the work. Within 10 minutes you should see a distinct mixing.

If you are applying into a pond on a windy day it is a good idea to stand upwind and pour the dye at the upwind side of the pond. This will allow the wind to push the dye throughout the pond.

No matter how you apply it, when you put it into a large pond it can take up to 2 hours to fully mix and longer if you don't have an aerator. Be careful if you are applying the concentrated liquid near a fountain as the fountain, if the dye gets too close to the propeller intake, can throw very concentrated liquid into the air that could splash into you and literally make you look like a spotted blue Smurf!

The use of any colorant should not be considered or seen as a cure-all that will solve all of your pond problems, while it can greatly improve the general quality of the water; as there will be less chance for bottom sediments to be reached by sunlight thus inhibiting algae blooms, it should be one of the tools along with natural bacteria and aeration that make a difference in your pond. Keeping it healthy and clean, and blue, is the goal and we want to help!

I've personally been very careful when applying these products yet have always managed to come home after the treatment to find my fingernails looked as if I'd been soaking in melted blue M+M's! On one occasion I literally spilt a half gallon into the boat where I was carefully pouring the liquid near the aeration boil to assist in dispersion throughout the water column and I had blue stained legs that made it look like I had the Mother of all bruises!

Once the colorant has dispersed thoroughly it won't stain but in smaller water gardens or whenever you are dumping it directly from the jug just make sure you don't splash it or it can leave a stain. The stains will eventually wear off but on some shorelines having blue or dark black stains on the grass and rocks can be unsightly.

Just like many pond additives like bacteria the pond colorants are available in dry pellet or block form. This format really reduces the risk of stains but gloves are still recommended if you are handling and applying.

Highest Overall Rated Pond Dyes
Over the years we have tested and evaluated the staying power and effectiveness of many coloring products and have now chosen the one that we confidently recommend based on our reviews of pond dyes and colorants. Many retailers sell five gallon jugs or one gallon supplies at the cheapest price but they are often watered down mixes or require twice as much application to achieve the same results.

Even though our 1/4 gallon supply is often more expensive than a gallon of another brand of colorant it depends on the concentration and effectiveness. I have, when buying my flat screen TV, heard the expression: "You get what you pay for" and with this product it is quite relevant! This PondKeeper Lake and Pond Dye has been our highest rated product consistently over the years and we trust it completely.

Black Out Lake and Pond Colorant

Black Onyx Lake and Pond Colorant is an exciting new addition to Becker Underwood’s aquatics product line. The specialized high-concentrate colorant creates a natural, mirror-like appearance often associated with black-colored water. The new colorant will not harm fish or aquatic waterfowl, and imparts a mystic beauty to the look of lakes, ponds, and other ornamental water features found on golf courses, in residential communities, and municipal recreation parks. Available at Reinders

Aquashade Aquatic Plant Growth Control Pond Dye - 1 Gallon

A lake dye registered by E.P.A. for control of aquatic plant growth. Aquashade is a unique blend of blue and yellow dyes specifically designed to screen or shade portions of the sunlight spectrum required by underwater plant and algae growth. This shading inhibits photosynthesis in young, bottom growth suppressing growth and development of nuisance conditions. Aquashade can be used in place of, or as a companion to registered aquatic herbicides and algaecides in managing aquatic nuisance growth. For best results, apply before growing season starts, or when growth is on the bottom. Application rate: 1 gallon per 4 acre feet of water. Available at Aquatic Control

BlueZyme c Combines pond colorant with enzymes into one simple application - saving you both time & money. Its appealing blue color is safe for all aquatic activities & will not harm the environment. Colorant restricts UV sunlight penetration and does not stain wildlife or fish, while the enzymes digest organic nutrients and wastes and reduce noxious odors. Two sizes available: one and five gallon containers. Available at AquaMaster Fountains

Jet Black
EZ Solupak Black Lake and Pond Dye in water soluble packets. Each packet will effectively treat (1) one foot acre, or approxiamately 325 000 gallons of water. To determine the initial number of solupaks to apply, multiply the surface acres of the body of water by 4. Once the dye has been dispersed you can add more solupaks if necessary. Why would you want black dye instead of the traditional blue dye? - black dye gives the water a mirror like appearance Jet black EZ solupaks is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendless, nontoxic, water-soluble dye formulated to reduce sunlight penetration and impart a natural black color when applied to ponds, lakes and other water features. The packets are protected by a unique waterproof, foil-lined packet to prevent accidental staining when you are handling the packets. The black pond and lake dye is in water soluble packaging designed to dissolve quickly. Available at RittenHouse

Aquatic Blue
Lake and Pond Dye is an organic water dye for use in ponds, lakes, decorative water features, golf course water hazards, and impounded bodies of water with limited or no outflow. Aquatic Blue improves the appearance of surface water by turning waters a bright blue or blue-green color. Aquatic Blue may be poured directly into the water at several locations to enhance dispersion. Treated water will not harm fish, waterfowl, pets, or wildlife. Water may be used for irrigation or fishing immediately. Apply Aquatic Blue at a rate of 0.25 gallon per acre foot of water. Available at Aquatic Management

True Blue Dry SoluPacks

True Blue Ez SoluPakTM Each 5.25 ounce True Blue Ez SoluPak will effectively treat one (1) acre foot or approximately 325,000 gallons of water. Holding onto the foil-lined outerpack, drop or throw True Blue Ez SoluPak(s) into the body of water. Water temperature and degree of agitation will influence dissolution and dispersion of True Blue Ez SoluPak(s). For best results, apply early in the spring and throughout the season to maintain color intensity. Do not apply this product to water intended for human consumption. Do not use this product in streams, rivers or other bodies of water not under control of the user. Do not use in water that has been or will be chlorinated. Available at Fish Farm Supply


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Dry Powdered Pond Dye in Water Soluble Packets (WSP)
Free Shipping in the USA Less mess and lighter than liquid pond dyes! The water soluble packets are tossed into the pond, fountain or lake as needed. There is no mess like with the liquid dyes. The packets float on the surface and once the outer soluble coating dissolves in the pond water th..
Starting at: $60.00
Super Concentrated Water Clarifier
Free Shipping in the USA Helps clear murky, turbid water by attracting suspended particles together, settling them to the bottom Works great when used with Pond-Vive, the clarifier settles the organic particles to the bottom where they are consumed by the Pond-Vive One gallon treats ..
Starting at: $125.00
Concentrated Liquid Pond Dyes - Treats 1 Million Gallons per Quart
This liquid concentrated dye is used in ponds and lakes. Apply in early Spring for the best benefits. Can be added at any time for an aesthetic fix for visually un-attractive ponds. Will mix quickly when applied around the pond perimiter or near a source of circulation ie;, pond aerator or pump. ..
Starting at: $60.00
Concentrated Liquid Pond  Dyes
Free Shipping in the USA If you’re looking for a highly concentrated liquid pond dye, this is one for you! This liquid Pond Dye that is safe and can be carefully poured into the pond or around the edges and can be mixed quickly and evenly throughout the pond with the use of a fountain, ..
Starting at: $60.00
Aquashade® Concentrated Liquid Lake Dye
Price cuts available! Check for lower prices on Amazon. *As an Amazon affiliate we may recieve payment for purchases made through Amazon. Free Shipping in the USA Aquashade® is a concentrated aquatic dye that filters sunlight that will reduc..
Starting at: $100.00
Blue Pond Dye - Dry Packs
Free Shipping in the USA Dry Lake and Pond Dye from Outdoor Water Solutions is a PowderedDry Lake and Pond Dye is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly, nontoxic, water soluble dyes formulated to reduce sunlight penetration and impart a natural blue color when applied to ponds and ..
Starting at: $50.00
Cygnet® Select Concentrated Pond Dye
Price cuts available! Check for lower prices on Amazon. *As an Amazon affiliate we may recieve payment for purchases made through Amazon. Free Shipping in the USA Cygnet® Select Concentrated Pond Dye is a non-E.P.A registered product that is..
Starting at: $70.00

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