Quantum® Compressor in Cabinet - 1/4 HP or 1/2 HP

Quantum® Compressor in Cabinet - 1/4 HP or 1/2 HP
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This 1/2 HP rocking piston air-compressor is ideal for aeration and dock bubblers. System comes with cabinet,two outlet manifold valves, air filter and ventilation fan. Airline and diffusers are optional or use whatever suits your application.

Quantum® Compressor System w/ Cabinet

1/4 HP Quantum® Piston Compressor - Max 50 PSI - 3 AMPS
3.5 CFM Open Flow

Airflow at 10PSI is approximately 3 CFM which can effectively provide air to 2 standard diffusers or 100 to 300 feet of Bubbler Hose for dock de-icing or bubblers.
1/2 HP Quantum® Piston Compressor - Max 50 PSI - 5 AMPS
5.0 CFM Open Flow

Airflow at 10PSI is approximately 4.5 CFM which can effectively provide air to 2 - 4 standard diffusers or 200 to 450 feet of Bubbler Hose for dock de-icing or bubblers.

Features of Both Models

  • Rocking piston compressor with rebuildable piston cylinders.
  • Powder coated cabinet
  • 220 cfm circulating fans
  • 3 port manifold
  • 2 adjustable air control ball-valves
  • Pressure relief valve & pressure gauge.
  • Cabinet is lockable and can be mounted to a post or wall.
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty.

Available Options Are Shown Below
The Quantum Compressor System comes complete with compressor cabinet and pressure guage as indicated above. Below you will find the options that are available if you require any additional bubbler hose or diffusers or weighted feeder line.

Optional Bubbler Hose

Weighted de-icer airhose/bubbler tube for deicing small and large areas. Weighted 1/2" I.D. tubing requires only 1 CFM per 100 feet (0.01 CFM per foot).

Single runs of up to 200' can be used with even bubble flow. Flexible tubing has a lead-wire encapsulated in poly to act as a weighted keel, keeping the deicer tubing firmly on the bottom.

If you already have a blower or compressor then all you really need is this weighted bubbler hose! Lead keeled die-cut diffuser de-icer airline. Requires only 0.01 CFM per foot and 3 PSI for operation.

Installing the Dock Bubbler

Step 1 : Install the compressor in your boathouse or shed. Build a simple wooden box if you don't have a nearby shelter handy. The compressor can be screwed to a piece of 3/4" plywood to hold it steady. Some folks put the compressor under a RubberMaid style of plastic container with some holes for ventilation. Just make sure the compressor is dry and out of snow and sleet and rain.

Step 2 : Connect the weighted airline to the valve outlet that is supplied with the compressor. Tighten clamps firmly but do not overtighten.

Step 3 : Connect the weighted self-sinking airline to the bubbler tubing. Do not bend the bubbler hose sharply as it can kink; instead of trying to make a 90 degree bend around a certain piling or footing use gentle angles with the tubing so the airline doesn't kink or split. The lead keel of the bubbler tube can be cut with metal shears. Make sure the end of the bubbler tubing has the plug inserted in the end! If you do want to make your bubbler wrap tightly around corners cut the tubing and use a 90 degree 1/2" barbed plastic insert to connect two pieces at the corner.

Step 4 : Once you have positioned your tubing start the compressor and do a visual check to ensure there are no areas where you see huge bubbles. Having airflow running through the
line during submersion helps ensure your placement is correct as you can follow the bubbles at the surface and ensure the water movement is uniform. You want to see bubbles all along the entire length of the bubbler hose, if there is an issue with the installation you will quickly see the evidence: kinks in the bubbler hose will cause the airflow to stop before it reaches the end of the bubbler hose.

Step 5 : Install the diffuser bubbler dock de-icer tubing in a line around the area you want to keep free from ice. Usually the tubing, which is weighted, is placed on the outside edge of the structure you are trying to protect. If it is possible the tubing should be kept on a fairly consistant depth or you will lose bubbles in deeper zones. The tubing can also be attached to the pilings of the dock or fixed to suspended stakes which are attached to the dock to ensure the tubing is at a fairly consistant depth. To compensate for differences in depth you can also connect your air feeder line to the bubbler hose at the deepest part and have the plugged end of the bubble tubing in the shallowest area; this often requires more feeder line if your compressor is located on shore but it can help. When in doubt, remember it is better to install your bubbler in July and not October...even with waders on you won't find many volunteers to install your dock bubbler in November!

A depth difference of a few feet won't matter but avoid putting one end of your dock bubbler hose in very shallow water and the other end in very deep water. A small depth differential won't matter too much but keep it in mind when sizing out your system. It sometimes can be better, especially if you have deeper waters, to use shorter lengths of bubbler tube. Strapping the tubing to your pilings or footings is an easy way to make sure the depth is relatively constant.


Optional Diffusers 

Dual Disc: This 2 x 9" membrane is used in the water treatment industry to really move the water through it's precision perforated slits.

Unit comes with a backflow valve and 1/2" fittings to plug into your 1/2" airline.

Rated for up to 8.5 CFM and perfect for lakes or ponds, we recommend using two with the Quantum 1/2 HP compressor system.

This diffuser also comes with a base that can be filled with sand or gravel so it sinks to the bottom of your pond and Riser Tubes to further elevate your diffusers for maximum lift and circulation.


Optional Weighted Airline

Weighted airline is available in 3/8" and 1/2" inner diameters. This tubing requires no weights. It is a heavy-duty, thick-walled PVC hose that is the industry standard for aeration and dock bubbler air supply.

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