Complete Aeration System - Includes Air Pump, 2 Diffusers, Weighted Hose and Accessories

Complete Aeration System - Includes Air Pump, 2 Diffusers, Weighted Hose and Accessories
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Aerates ponds from 1/4 acre up to 1 acre in size with a maximum diffuser placement of 10' deep!  This unit also comes with a lot of accessories for the price.  The compressor should be kept in some sort of housing to keep it out of the rain and snow, build a simple doghouse style structure for it.

The Shallow Pond OWS AerMaster LD 4.0 Electric Aerator produces 4 CFM of air at 8′ while only drawing 2.3 amps of electricity. This unit also comes with many accessories to provide you with everything you need right out of the box.

The system includes one LD 4.0 Electric Aerator to aerate your pond. Plus, it includes 100′ of non-weighted air line and 200′ of 3/8″ weighted airline. This is plenty of airline for providing air to your whole pond. Also, it has two airstone diffusers with backflow valves. This allows you to aerate your entire pond, so you don’t end up with spots without aeration in your water. The LD 4.0 Electric Aerator also includes two floating duck decoy markers to let you know where you placed your airstones. You no longer have to hunt to find them if you need to move them. And, these decoys look more natural than other systems for marking your airstones locations.

System includes:

  • 1 LD 4.0 Electric Aerator
  • 100' of non-weighted airline
  • 200' of 3/8" weighted airline
  • 2 airstone diffusers with backflow valves
  • 1 2-way selector valve
  • 2 Airstone housing buckets
  • 2 Duck decoy markers
  • Hose Connectors

This unit produces 4 CFM of air at 8' deep - while only drawing 2.3 amps of electricity.  This system is also very energy efficient!

2 Year Warranty!

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