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Great Lakes® Aeration Systems
Complete aeration systems, available in two sizes for aerating large ponds, come fully-equipped with either a continuous-duty 1/4 HP or 1/2 HP rocking-piston compressor housed in a lockable, ventilated steel cabinet. The system includes one or two super-efficient micro-bubble diffusers on weighte..
Starting at: $1,695.00
Disc Diffuser Assembly - Weighted High-Efficiency Diffusers
Free Shipping in the USA Quick Sink, self weighted air diffuser assemblies are designed to be placed at the bottom of a pond or lake. The self weighted design eliminates need for gravel and reduces installation time. The Quick Sink diffuser assembly features round rubber (EPDM) membrane diff..
Starting at: $160.00
Pond-Lyfe™ Pond Aeration Systems by Vertex®
PondLyfe™ aerators from Vertex address the growing need for a professional quality aeration system at an affordable price for water gardens and smaller ponds up to 1.5 acres in size. PondLyfe aerators benefit small pond owners who want the best available technology to restore their ponds to a cle..
Starting at: $2,050.00
Solar Aeration Systems with Batteries for Large Pond & Lakes
After years of customer requests The Pond Report has brought Solar Aeriation into its product lineup! Solar powered aeration systems are the ideal choice for remote ponds and lakes where power is not available, too expensive, or simply if you are in a windless area and have lots of sun; it is als..
Starting at: $8,000.00
BriteStar® Solar Direct 24 Volt Aeration Systems - No Batteries
Solar direct aeration systems are less complicated than battery systems and therefore less expensive. The solar direct systems will only operate when there is light or sun hitting the panels so operation during winter is reduced but for a general purpose solar aeration system this complete packag..
Starting at: $5,350.00
Complete Aeration System - Includes Air Pump, 2 Diffusers, Weighted Hose and Accessories
Aerates ponds from 1/4 acre up to 1 acre in size with a maximum diffuser placement of 10' deep!  This unit also comes with a lot of accessories for the price.  The compressor should be kept in some sort of housing to keep it out of the rain and snow, build a simple doghouse style struct..
Price: $1,355.00
Stratus® Rotary Vane Compressors
Free Shipping in the USA Rotary Vane air compressors and vacuum pumps are used in thousands of applications worldwide. Available in oilless, lubricated, motor-mounted, and separate drive styles, they offer a wide choice of capabilities. Stratus® Rotary Vane Compressors Long lasti..
Starting at: $950.00
Sweetwater® Rotary Vane Compressors
Free Shipping in The USA 1/4 HP Rotary Vane Compressor AQ3 AQ3-2 and AQ3-2-230 MAX 10PSI 4.0 CFM @ 5 PSI • 3.6 CFM @ 10 PSI 4.4 Running Amps at 115 volts 2.2 Running Amps at 230 volts. Includes: Power cord, air-filter, thermal protection & inlet check valve. Available in 115 ..
Starting at: $850.00
NightAir™ Solar Aerator with Battery Backup
NightAir™ Battery Back Up Solar Aerators :  This system has a larger, higher output compressor with over 600 watts of solar power and 400 Ah total on the batteries.  More air, more solar power and more battery. Free Shipping Within The USA   Revolutionary New Battery..
Starting at: $11,395.00
Weighted PVC Tubing - 3/8"
Free Shipping in the USA Black weighted airline has 3/8"  inner diameter with outside diameter of 11/16". Sold in rolls of 100' or reels of 500'. Burst pressure is 50 PSI. Air Friction Loss of 3/8" Tubing CFM Distance PSI Friction..
Starting at: $150.00
Sentinel® Rocking Piston Pond Aeration Systems
Free USA Shipping Sentinel® aeration systems are for large lakes and ponds where multiple aeration stations are required to provide adequate circulation and mixing in large bodies of water. Sentinel® systems are availablle with rocking-piston air compressors.  The piston air-compressor ..
Starting at: $1,375.00
Weighted PVC Tubing - 1/2"
Free Shipping in the USA Black weighted airline has 1/2" inner diameter with a outside diameter of 1". Sold in rolls of 100' or reels of 500'. Burst pressure is 50 PSI. Air Friction Loss of 1/2" Tubing CFM Distance PSI Friction Loss of 1/..
Starting at: $230.00
Aerify™ Solar Aerator Fountain
Free Shipping in the USA The 1/2 HP and the 1 HP Aerify SW Solar Fountain are a high quality direct drive solar powered fountain designed for shallow or smaller ponds (up to 1 acre) where you need extra aeration while still getting the added visual benefits of a fountain.  All the solar..
Starting at: $8,150.00
AerMaster™ Professional Aeration Systems
Free Shipping in the USA Each of these rocking piston compressors comes in a nice, attractive powder coated aluminum cabinet. They also have a lock to keep people out and include two recirculating fans. These systems all carry a 3-year warranty and are designed to operate with little mainten..
Starting at: $2,500.00
Air Diffuser Assembly - EPDM Self-Sinking Tube Diffusers
Free Shipping in the USA Instead of airstones these diffusers use a flexible membrane EPDM membrane to resist clogging and fouling. These are the recommended diffuser in ponds or lakes that have a high level of organics or nutrients. Includes check valve to prevent water from filling ai..
Starting at: $100.00
Weighted PVC Tubing - 5/8"
Free Shipping in the USA Black weighted airline has 5/8"  inner diameter with outside diameter of 1-7/64". Sold in boxed rolls of 100' or reels of 500'. Burst pressure is 50 PSI. Air Friction Loss of 5/8" Tubing CFM Distance PSI ..
Starting at: $265.00
Sentinel® Rotary Vane Pond Aeration Systems
Free USA Shipping Sentinel® rotary vane aeration systems are for large lakes and ponds where multiple aeration stations are required to provide adequate circulation and mixing in large bodies of water. Sentinel® systens are available with a single 1 HP rotary vane compressor or two 1 HP rota..
Starting at: $3,800.00
Medo® Silent Linear Piston Air Compressors for Aeration
Price cuts available! Check for lower prices on Amazon. *As an Amazon affiliate we may recieve payment for purchases made through Amazon. Free Shipping in the USA Medo® USA Linear Piston Air Compressors These are not linear "diaphragm," ..
Starting at: $725.00
Linear Diaphragm Compressors by Stratus KLC®
Stratus KLC® Linear Diaphragm Air Compressors These linear diaphragm compressors are very durable and the continuous duty motors are designed for years of service. Ideal for aerating ponds, water features, bait and holding tanks and large aquariums.  115 volt motors are super q..
Starting at: $435.00
Gast® Diaphragm Air Compressors
Free Shipping in the USA If you need a small, quiet source of vacuum or pressure, you'll find the unit for your application in the Gast line of oil less diaphragm air compressors and vacuum pumps. DC12 Gast Air Compressor 1/8 HP Gast® diaphragm compressor is completely oilless and..
Starting at: $425.00
Pond Diffuser Assembly with 9" Diffuser Discs
This one really circulates your pond or lake! We've searched far and wide to come up with a rubber membrane diffuser that can generate a ton of air! What's even better is that this is a low psi design, which means your windmill or electric aerator doesn't have to struggle to open up the perforate..
Starting at: $150.00
Deluxe Windmill Aeration Systems
These Windmill Aeration Systems includes  the tower, anchor pins, air compressor in fan head, Air Stone Diffuser and Foot Valve and 100 Ft of 1/2" reg. air line to run between the windmill head and the diffuser in the pond. Price includes shipping within the continental US. Delu..
Starting at: $3,495.00
Great Lakes™ Floating Fountain Kit with Multiple Spray Patterns
The Great Lakes fountain gives you the ultimate range of display choices for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your pond or lake. In addition, you’ll enjoy improved water clarity, oxygen levels, and an overall healthier aquatic environment. The Great Lakes fountain gives you the ultimate rang..
Starting at: $2,750.00
Olympus© Floating Fountains
Free Shipping in the USA In our continuing efforts to take our products to new levels, we have expanded our offering of floating fountains to the improved Olympus© Series of decorative aerating fountains from Hydrasearch (formerly Bearon Aquatics) The Olympus family of fountains range in siz..
Starting at: $4,100.00
Surface Aerators by Bearon®
Low oxygen levels result in costly and devastating fish kills. These High Oxygen Transfer Surface Aerator offers the most reliable, energy efficient and cost-saving aeration solution to prevent these catastrophic losses. Our aerators are specially designed for portability and ease of installation..
Starting at: $1,400.00
Synergistic Aeration Diffuser Assembly - Great Lakes®
Free Shipping in the USA This synergistic diffuser assemby has some of the smallest and finest bubbles available in any diffuser means that you get the most lifting of water column towards the surface and less pressure loss during operation. These diffuser assemblies require less PSI and so ..
Starting at: $230.00
Alumina Airstones
Free Shipping in the USA Fine bubbles when performance is demanded. With their round grain pore structure, low resistance to airflow, uniform porosity and resistance to clogging, these airstone diffusers are perfect for general aquaculture aeration and pond and lake aeration. These diffusers..
Starting at: $35.00
Sweetwater® Linear II Diaphragm Air Pumps
Free Shipping in the USA Linear II Diaphragm Air Pumps, with higher output and lower watts—their best linear air pumps. SweetWater® Linear II air pumps average about 40% more air and about 20% lower power consumption. You will see similar looking linear air pumps imported from Asia, ..
Price: $1,355.00

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