Water Level Control Structure - Inlet

Water Level Control Structure - Inlet
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Product Code: Heavy Duty Water Level Control Structure - Inline
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Inlet Water Level Control Structures™ are designed to control the depth and volume of water within a wetland or pond by removing surface water.

Stoplogs can be removed or added to achieve your desired water level height.

The Inlet Water Level Control Structures are constructed of rugged 1/2"-thick PVC sheets, connected at the corners by means of specially extruded anodized aluminum profiles sealed with waterproof caulking and secured with stainless steel screws.

The bottom of the structure is sealed with either a 1/2"- or 1"-thick PVC sheet (dependent upon structure size) and also utilizes waterproof caulking for sealant and stainless steel screws to hold it in place.

Detail of Water Level Structure, Rat Guard at pipe outlet (optional)  and the Anti-seep collars (optional)


Constructed of rugged ½" PVC.
Stainless steel screws and custom anodized aluminum corner extrusions used for strength and durability*.
Flexible coupler allows PVC, plastic pipe, or other materials to be easily attached. (Please specify type of pipe when ordering.)
Stoplogs made of PVC in 5" and 7" heights for adjustability. (Maintenance recommended: Remove stoplogs and grease seal with Ultra Lube [included]. Ensure there is no debris in the tracks or along the bottom of the structure. Replace stoplogs after greasing.)
Important: To minimize seepage, align stoplogs firmly against one side of the stoplog track.
Stoplogs must remain in track during structure installation.
Structure must be anchored down when installed or it may have the tendency to float.See diagram below for anchoring details.
Structures are intended for gravity flow; some seepage may occur.
5-year warranty on all standard structures.

Pipe Size Width
(Inside Dim.)
(Inside Dim.)
4" 11 5/8" 6"
6" 11 5/8" 6"
8" 11 5/8" 6"
10" 14" 8"
12" 16" 10"
15" 20" 12"
18" 24" 14"
24" 31" 18"


Optional Rat Guard (Band Type)

Easy To Install


The structure base and the outlet pipe must be set on firm, flat surfaces of compacted soil or concrete pad to provide a solid, stable base. This will reduce settling and reduce stress or misalignment of pipe connections.


Remove black tape from the outlet flex coupler, exposing the stainless steel clamps. The flex coupler must be placed directly over the outside diameter of the pipe, then secured by tightening the stainless steel clamps, as shown in the illustration.


Level structure vertically before permanently anchoring. Backfill around control structure by hand in 6" lifts. This structure must be anchored down when installed or it may have a tendency to float. Hand tamp only - do not mechanically compact. Do not use a backhoe or blade to place backfill directly against the water control structure.

 — Seal on stoplog faces downstream/outlet side of structure.

US Patent No. 6,715,508 B2
US Patent No. 6,786,234 B2

Structure must be anchored down when installed or it may have the tendency to float.
See diagram below for anchoring details.

Optional Anti-Seep Collar

Keep your pipe from being washed out.
  • The Anti-Seep Collar works with any smooth-wall pipe or corrugated plastic tubing.
  • 1/16" Gum rubber with wood frame. 
  • Tan floating stock has superior resilience, elongation, and tear strength. 
  • Resistant to water, most salts, mild acids, and many other chemicals

3' x 3' anti-seep collar is recommended for all pipe sizes between 4" and 12"

Installed in three easy steps:

1. Unroll Anti-Seep and align boards to form a square. Attach metal brackets to corner of boards with screws provided. Attach rubber to frame with nails provided.
2. Cut a round hole* in rubber 33% smaller than your pipe size.
3. Insert pipe through hole in rubber.

*YOU MUST CUT A ROUND HOLE. Cutting an “X” or slit will cause gum rubber to rip.
Optional Rat Guard (Stainless Steel)

Avoid irritating and costly plugged drainage systems with stainless steel Rat Guards.
  • 304 Stainless steel material and hardware resists rust and  corrosion and provides extended life.
  • 4" and 6" Stainless Steel Rat Guards are Iowa DOT approved.
  • Easy to install. Position far enough in the pipe to allow it to swivelup and let debris pass without exposing the Rat Guard beyond the pipe.



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