Sludge Removal Blocks

Sludge Removal Blocks
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These 1 ounce blocks are designed for high performance muck and sludge removal in larger ponds. A smaller format muck pellet is available here

Great for spot treating around docks, beaches or partially treating large ponds. This product is a slightly modified version of Pond-Vive pond and lake bacteria and is a larger block format that weighs 1 ounce per block as opposed to the standard 3 gram pellet. While the Pond-Vive™ bacteria is designed to treat several issues of water quality, these concentrated sludge remover pellets are specifically designed to reduce sludge and organic matter from pond and lake bottoms.

Sludge Remover bacteria is designed specifically to remove organic sludge from the bottom of lakes and ponds. Sludge is the result of fish waste, dead algae or plant material, uneaten fish food, leaves and other debris. The pellets, when introduced to the water, sink, dissolve and begin to remove bottom organic sludge — often several inches per year.

Treatment Application Rate

SORELINE AND BEACH TREATMENTS : One pound per 2500 square feet every two weeks.
FULL POND TREATMENT : One pound per 1/4 acre pond volume every two weeks.

Sludge Removal Blocks are 1 ounce each.

Also available in smaller 3 gram pellets


Pond Muck Blocks
The professional pond blocks Biodegradable pellets contain sludge-eating bacteria, enzymes and trace minerals to not only get rid of the muck but also to enhance the quality of water. Product is completely safe for fish, frogs, pets, birds and humans; use with complete confidence that your pond or lake is being properly taken care of without harmful chemicals.

These professiona lblocks naturally eliminate that disgusting odor-causing muck on beaches that sticks to your feet and makes swimming unpleasant. Spot treat your swimming areas today and a clean beach and shoreline will be yours tomorrow. These pellets are easy to use and are Ideal for campsites, recreational parks, private beaches or anywhere that a natural clean pond bottom is required.

 Professional sludge reduction blocks are a special blend of amino acids, trace minerals and selected  bacteria. These blocks were designed for ponds, lakes, and lagoons as a low-maintenance way to reduce sludge buildup.  Professional sludge reduction pellets are fortified with specialized, safe, bacterial strains that are high volume waste consumers of muck and organic matter. These pellets have a broad trace mineral base and an organic catalyst to increase productivity of the bacteria in each block. The block itself is used to take the active ingredients down to the bottom sludge for maximum effect.

Sludge reduction blocks offer the customer control over organic material in their ponds.

•    Biodegradable Pellet form
•    Sludge eating bacteria, amino acids and trace minerals
•    Naturally eliminating odor-causing sludge
•    Reduces sludge with-out heavy equipment
•    Reduces built-up and restores water depth
•    Spot treat beaches or pond edges
•    Spot treat around boat docks, and swimming areas
•    Simple to use and broadcast
•    Offers you future control of your pond
•    Improves dugout water quality for family use
•    Saves money, improves overall pond health
•    See activity within 1-2 weeks
•    Works best with high organic matter
•    Reduce organic matter from geese and ducks
•    Reduces odors and nutrient loads

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