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Pond-Vive® - Dry Bacteria with Enzymes and Barley Straw in Soluble Pouches for Lakes & Ponds
Free Shipping within the USA The natural, biological way to revive your pond. The natural, biological way to revive your pond Pond-Vive is a proprietary blend of enzymes and beneficial bacteria formulated to help improve water quality and reduce sludge in ponds, lakes and other water bodies...
Starting at: $175.00
Sludge Removal Pellets
Free Shipping within the USA Great for spot treating around docks, beaches or partially treating large ponds. Sludge Remover bacteria is designed specifically to remove organic sludge from the bottom of lakes and ponds. Sludge is the result of fish waste, dead algae or plant material, uneate..
Starting at: $155.00
Lake & Pond Muck Pellets
Free Shipping in the USA Safely reduce muck and sludge from ponds and lakes of all sizes. Cleans muck from swimming areas, around docks, any shoreline where muck is a problem. These muck pellets sink into the muck and the natural bacteria devour muck reducing the build-up quickly and effecti..
Starting at: $175.00
Lake & Pond Pond Bacteria Packs with Barley and Enzymes
Value Pond Bacteria! Each pack includes either 12 lbs. or 25 lbs. of bacteria packaged in half pound water soluble pouches. The bacteria helps break down organic matter on the bottom of the pond, diminish nutrient overload and helps reduce odor to create a clean, clear & healthy pond. The bar..
Starting at: $200.00
Super Concentrated Water Clarifier
Free Shipping in the USA Helps clear murky, turbid water by attracting suspended particles together, settling them to the bottom Works great when used with Pond-Vive, the clarifier settles the organic particles to the bottom where they are consumed by the Pond-Vive One gallon treats ..
Starting at: $125.00
Pond-Vive® - Liquid Lake and Pond Bacteria
Free Shipping in the USA Similar formula to Pond-Vive powder, can be used to treat golf course ponds, farm ponds, municipal areas and similar applications • Works to remove ammonia, nitrates, phosphates & sludge Application rate is one gallon per surface acre weekly for four weeks, ..
Starting at: $75.00
Sludge Removal Blocks
Free Shipping in the USA These 1 ounce blocks are designed for high performance muck and sludge removal in larger ponds. A smaller format muck pellet is available here Great for spot treating around docks, beaches or partially treating large ponds. This product is a slightly modified ve..
Starting at: $-1,165.00
C-THRU™ Water Clarification Coagulant - Soilfloc® C-THRU
Soilfloc® C-THRU (liquid formula) is a high purity, powerful, liquid coagulant developed specifically for water treatment. C-THRU is designed to be metered into your water with a pump, and then circulated throughout the water, providing crystal clear, algae-free water**. C-Thru the Murk! ..
Starting at: $300.00
SET-L™ Water Clarification Tablets - Soilfloc® SET-L
Soilfloc® SET-L tablets are made of high quality, high purity, powerful (PAM) polyacrylamide developed specifically for water treatment. Designed to be placed in water features, such as falls or springs, or hung over aerators, under balloons or decoys, to disperse the PAM throughout the water col..
Starting at: $400.00
Microbe-Lift® PL™ Liquid Beneficial Bacteria
Price cuts available! Check for lower prices on Amazon. *As an Amazon affiliate we may recieve payment for purchases made through Amazon. Free Shipping in the USA Specially Formulated for Decorative Fish Ponds, Lagoons & Smaller Water Fe..
Starting at: $90.00
Microbe-Lift - Professional Blend PBL Liquid Bacteria
Free Shipping in the USA A blend of microbes that contain specially formulated strains of bacteria manufactured for use by landscape, irrigation & pond professionals. Price cuts available! Check for lower prices on Amazon. ..
Starting at: $90.00
Microbe-Lift® HC™ Liquid Pond Bacteria For Large Ponds & Lakes
We recommend this product however we no longer stock this item in our locations. This product is now available on the Amazon USA network. You can get the best pricing and see available options and shipping times by visiting the product page on Amazon Note: The Pond Report is an Amazon affiliate..
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