Pond-Vive® - Liquid Lake and Pond Bacteria

Pond-Vive® - Liquid Lake and Pond Bacteria
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Similar formula to Pond-Vive powder, can be used to treat golf course ponds, farm ponds, municipal areas and similar applications • Works to remove ammonia, nitrates, phosphates & sludge

Application rate is one gallon per surface acre weekly for four weeks, then every two to four weeks for maintenance 
Two gallons will treat 1/4 acre pond for 10-16 weeks.

The natural, biological way to revive your pond. This premium formula includes bacterial concentrations of 5 billion cfu (colony forming units) per gram as well as four strains of enzymes which break down into an easier food to be digested by the cleansing bacteria which speeds up the process they perform on ridding the water column of excess and unwanted nutrients. This is a cold water bacterial strain that will perform in temperatures as low as 38 degrees F.

  This special blend of bacteria is designed to:

  • Reduce sludge buildup
  • Eliminate pond odors
  • Improve water clarity
  • Reduce oxygen demand
  • Eliminate excess nutrients

Available Formats:
1 gallon jugs

For larger podies of water we also have 55 gallon drums and 250 gallon totes available. Email us for pricing on larger formats.

Application Rates:

Initial Dose 1 gallon per surface acre every week for 4 weeks
Maintenance Dose 1 gallon per surface acre every 2 - 4 weeks

Applications in ponds with aeration and not showing sever problems with algae and muck can often dose at 1 gallon per acre per month.

Pond-Vive is a patented specialized bacteria blend fthat has been ormulated specifically for the task of lake and pond maintenance. Pond-Vive contains bacterial strains and other necessary ingredients needed to sustain these bacterial strains in the lake or pond setting. The  unique blend of bacteria carries out a number of very specific tasks. Some bacterial strains specialize in the removal of excess ammonia, nitrates and phosphorus in the water.

Pond-Vive natural liquid bacteria blend is to to help reduce sludge build-up and increase water quality is widely used and is preffered by many pond managers and municipal and golf ponds because by adding billions of these natural occurring organisms, we can help reverse the aging process of ponds that occurs when fish waste, leaves, dead weeds/algae, runoff, etc start to build up on the bottom. The results are improved water quality, reduced odors, improved oxygen levels and a better environment for fish and other aquatic life.


This liquid beneficial bacteria mixture is:

  • All-natural
  • Breaks down organic sludge like leaves, dead plants, fish droppings, fish food, and excess fertilizer
  • Creates a clean, clear pond
  • Reduces odors
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets and people


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