C-THRU™ Water Clarification Coagulant - Soilfloc® C-THRU

C-THRU™ Water Clarification Coagulant - Soilfloc® C-THRU
C-THRU™ Water Clarification Coagulant - Soilfloc® C-THRU C-THRU™ Water Clarification Coagulant - Soilfloc® C-THRU
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Soilfloc® C-THRU (liquid formula) is a high purity, powerful, liquid coagulant developed specifically for water treatment. C-THRU is designed to be metered into your water with a pump, and then circulated throughout the water, providing crystal clear, algae-free water**.

C-Thru the Murk!
This powerful coagulant works by neutralizing the charge of the "murk" (dispersed, non-settleable solids and nutrients). Once neutralized, the small, suspended particles can stick together, forming larger clumps that are capable of settling. The suspended particles that cause the "murk" also provide the footing on which algae blooms and bacteria grow, by removing the "footing" (dropping the solids), the likelihood of blooms is greatly reduced.


Application Rate
A general rate of application is 10 PPM to achieve results.10 PPM* can be added using a metering pump to dose the pond at a prescribed rate.

*10 PPM is equal to an application rate of 10 Gallons Per Million Gallons of Pond Volume

**C-Thru must be properly dispersed throughout the water column to promote the particle collisions needed for them to stick together to form larger, settleable particles.
Over-mixing will not affect the "coagulation", but insufficient mixing will not allow the collisions needed to form clumps that are large enough to settle


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