Dry Powdered Pond Dye in Water Soluble Packets (WSP)

Dry Powdered Pond Dye in Water Soluble Packets (WSP)
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Less mess and lighter than liquid pond dyes! The water soluble packets are tossed into the pond, fountain or lake as needed. There is no mess like with the liquid dyes. The packets float on the surface and once the outer soluble coating dissolves in the pond water the concentrated dry dies are released into the water column creating a dyed color to your pond. Conctentrated dry pond colorant comes in three colors: Blue, Black & Serenity Blue. They are a concentrated blend of environmentally friendly, nontoxic, water-soluble dyes formulated to reduce sunlight penetration and impart a natural blue, black or dark blue color when applied to ponds, lakes and fountains.

Pond Dye Colors:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Serenty Blue (Darker Blue - Mix of Black and Blue)

Sold By the Pouch (4 WSP), the Case (20 WSP) and the Master Case (80 WSP)

The Pouch
Value: Buy the 16oz  pouch containing four - 4 ounce water soluble packets (WSP) per pouch. Each 4 ounce WSP treats 0.33 af an acre 3'-4' deep.

The Case
Great Value:  Buy a case of 5 pouches (20 WSPs) Treatsa total of 6.66 surface acres, 4' deep

The Master Case
Best Value: Buy a master case of 20 pouches (80 WSPs) Treats 26.6 surface acres, 4' deep

Features & Benefits

  • Natural blue coloring
  • Unique packaging eliminates risk of staining during  handling
  • Each overpack is fully labeled to prevent misapplication
  • No irrigation or recreational restrictions
  • Nontoxic

Water temperature and degree of agitation will influence dissolution and dispersion

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