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The Fascinating Freshwater Fish Book: How to Catch, Keep, and Observe Your Own Native Fish

An educational and entertaining book that introduces children to a wide variety of fish and other aquatic life in the rivers, streams and ponds of North America. Encourages an appreciation of fish and an understanding of their habitats. Details how to set up a home aquarium and how to stock it. Contains tips on equipment, the best species of fish and plant life and how to catch them. Features a slew of illustrations; ideas for field trips and activities that teach fish behavior.


Lake Trout: North America's Greatest Game Fish

The lake trout is one of the most elusive fish in North America-and one of the most captivating. Based on thirty years of fishing experience, Lake Trout offers an in depth look at this majestic fish including everything from the biology of the fish to the history of the areas surrounding the lakes in which they live. The first two chapters explore the evolution of the lake trout fisherman and the lessons that have been learned over the years by the authors' predecessors. Throughout Lake Trout, Edward Eveland and Ross Shickler include anecdotes of their first fishing experiences in Canada and the northern United States and the various successes, failures, and awe-inspiring moments they met along the way. Also discussed is the future of the lake trout including pollution fears, over-fishing and shrinking habitats.


Sustainable Freshwater Aquacultures: The Complete Guide from Backyard to Investor

The most complete, accessible and affordable guide to freshwater aquaculture in Australia, emphasizing sustainable use of all resources: whether it be on a small scale in a backyard pond, or in commercial production on broad acres. The book includes detailed information from design and construction of ponds to water quality, enhancing production through aeration, filtration and water treatment wetlands, foods and feeding, breeding and propagating aquatic animals and plants, sources of stock and polyculture (mixing fish, crustaceans, other animals, and plants for greater yields).


Freshwater Aquaculture: A Handbook for Small Scale Fish Culture in North America

The aquaculturalist's bible-for the novice and professional, covering all freshwater species and how best to raise them. Includes pond construction and repair, water quality and chemistry, breeding, fertilization, shipment, diseases, marketing, legal restrictions, and integration with plants and farm life. Financial costing has been updated. "The best published handbook in the field."-American Scientist


Knowing Bass: The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish

Bass, especially largemouth bass, are easily the single most popular freshwater gamefish in the United States. Knowing Bass is a book about the science of bass fishing, with particular emphasis on the bass itself: What bass can sense, how they use their senses to feed, how they relate to fishing lures, and ultimately, how they interact with anglers. Understanding why bass do what they do will greatly improve anyone s chances of being a better and more successful angler, no matter the angler s present skill level. Topics covered include bass biology; life history; the bass? organs of vision, hearing, smell, and taste, including the smells and flavors bass like and don't like; how smell and taste control feeding behavior; the best kinds of lures to trigger the attack response in certain situations; and even minimizing stress on caught bass that are to be released. A distinguished scientist who knows how, when, and why bass pursue their prey, Dr. Jones offers a wealth of valuable information on pursuing this popular gamefish to anglers of all skill levels.


The Striped Bass Book: Tackle, Techniques and Strategies for America's Most Unpredictable Game Fish

Here is a complete, fully illustrated guide to catching striped bass (rockfish), written by a seasoned pro.


Trout: The Complete Guide to Catching Trout with Flies, Artificial Lures and Live Bait (The Freshwater Angler)

The most highly prized of all North American gamefish deserves a book like Trout: The Complete Guide - New Revised Edition Trout is the most popular species for fly anglers. The avid angler is looking for good fish biology as well as strategies and skills. More than 350 photos complement the clear, concise, how-to text. Here is everything you need to know to successfully choose the right presentation for any situation on the trout stream, inlcuding catching trout with flies, artificial lures and live bait. Chapters include: Understanding Trout & Salmon Equipment


The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing

Striped bass - in fresh and salt water - are one of the world's greatest gamefish, and The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing is the fullest, most authoritative, most helpful book ever written on the species. Nick Karas, one of the world's great experts on the striped bass, offers proven techniques for more successful fishing. He details fishing from the surf; from boats; from bank, pier, jetty, and bridge - with all kinds of tackle and methods. And he takes an especially careful look at the growing popularity of fly rodding for stripers, fishing at night, and even how to catch striped bass in fresh water. An entire section of the book is devoted to tackle - where he takes a thorough look at the best rods, reels, lines, hooks, live and natural baits, artificial lures, accessory equipment of all kinds, bass boats, and the most innovative and practical beach vehicles. The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing offers a comprehensive look at every aspect of the striped bass, making it a book that no one who fishes for this great gamefish will want to be without, and the essential book for all striped-bass enthusiasts. (6 X 9, 384 pages, b&w photos, maps, illustrations, diagrams, charts)

Trout Flies for the 21st Century: Over 200 Essential Patterns That Catch Fish Anywhere, Anytime (Fly Tyer)

Trout Flies for the 21st Century 200 Essential Patterns that Catch Fish Anywhere, Anytime Dick Talleur Following in the footsteps of the highly touted Stewart & Allen fly-pattern series, and endorsed by Fly Tyer magazine, this extensive trout-fly pattern collection presents 200 recipes for everything trout love: wet flies, dry flies, emergers, nymphs, terrestrials, attractors, and streamers. Master tyer Dick Talleur has collected pattern recipes from across the country, many from professional fishing guides, and thrown in a ton of classic patterns as he ties them. With beautiful full-color photographs of each completed fly and, in some cases, technical photos of crucial tying steps, this book delivers a lifetime s worth of must-do patterns for the trout chaser.


So Many Fish, So Little Time: 1001 of the World's Greatest Backcountry Honeyholes, Trout Rivers, Blue Ribbon Waters, Bass Lakes, and Saltwater Hot Spots

Ever dreamed of following in Hemingway's footsteps and fishing in the Basque country of Spain? Or casting your line in the urban jungle of New York City? How about reeling in a 150-lb. tarpon off the coast of Florida? In So Many Fish, So Little Time, expert fisherman Mark D. Williams takes you to the 1,001 places all anglers should visit before they go to that great fishing paradise in the sky. From milkfish in the Seychelles to sailfish off Guatemala to Arctic char at the top of the world, he'll take you on a lively and informative trip to the most beautiful, bountiful, and fish-laden waters in the world. The only angler's guide to essential places to fish that covers the entire world, So Many Fish, So Little Time is truly a fish tale like no other.


Trout Water: In Pursuit of the World's Most Beautiful Fish

A gorgeous photographic celebration of trout habitats and the men that fish them. Through extraordinary photographs and prose, Trout Water brings to life the waters where trout make their home, creating an intimate portrait of the nature of the living river and the fly fisherman s passion for these wild places. Every river s story is unique, but each shares a fundamental set of characteristics. Trout Water illustrates the compelling mystery and complexity of these rivers and the diverse trout species that call them home. Brought to life through Jim Rowinski s artistic vision, Trout Water reveals the magical world of running water, elusive trout, and the bond between man and river. The book follows the geological and historical nature of trout waters, the fundamental features and characteristics that make up trout water, and the beautiful places where fishermen pursue wild trout. With an illuminating foreword by legendary fly fisherman and author Nick Lyons, this is a book that no trout fisherman should be without. 150 color photographs


Quantitative Ecology and the Brown Trout (Oxford Series in Ecology and Evolution)

This book provides the first synthesis of quantitative information on brown trout ecology. By comparing the brown trout to closely related species such as the Atlantic salmon, the Pacific salmon, and the rainbow trout, the author illuminates key issues regarding animal ecology in general. Topics include the global success of the brown trout, long-term case studies of the dynamics of one brown trout population, ecological differences between brown trout populations, natural selection and genetic differences between brown trout, and the mechanisms responsible for population regulation in juvenile trout. The book ends with conclusions that can be drawn about brown trout ecology, a discussion of how those conclusions can aid in conservation and management, and an effort to identify areas in need of further research. The book emphasizes the development, testing, and use of realistic mathematical models that have proven so effective in the preservation of valuable species. Students and professional ecologists, fish biologists, and fisheries managers will welcome this incisive resource. Show More Show Less


Big Book of Bass: Strategies for Catching Largemouth and Smallmouth (The Freshwater Angler)

The bible of bass fishing Ounce for ounce, no North American gamefish offers more excitement for anglers than bass. Any angler who has landed a feisty, ferocious two-pounder after 30 minutes of play remains hooked for life. No wonder 19.5 million anglers regularly fish for bass in the U.S, Canada, and central America. Bass fishing is now so popular that bass-catching tournaments have become a leading spectator sport across the continent, with top bass fishermen rivaling NASCAR drivers in the loyalty of their followers. With this impressive collection of up-to-date information, novice as well as experienced anglers will learn everything they need to know to catch both largemouth and smallmouth bass. Readers will find in-depth coverage of bass biology and behavior, with clear, concise text and more than 1,000 step-by-step photos. And the book shows the very latest innovations in lures and tackle suitable for catching trophy bass.


Homemade fishing;: Bass and trout waters you can build yourself

Trout Farming Handbook (Fishing News Books)

The sixth edition of the standard guide for trout farmers covers the latest developments and new opportunities, not only for rainbow trout farming in the sea but also for hatching and growing brown trout for angling. The design and construction of trout farms is clearly outlined and every stage of trout production is dealt with in detail: hatching and fry production, fish feeds and feeding, hygiene and the prevention and treament of disease, and the management of brood stock. Processing and marketing are discussed together with ways and means of increasing profability. Special attention is given to the prevention of pollution and protection of the environment and to recent developments such as cage farms in deep lakes, disease control and vaccination against disease, and co-operative farming.

Intensive Fish Farming

Intensive systems require a high degree of technical and management skill, enabling fish to be produced on a predictable volume basis to correspond with the needs of modern food processing and distribution. Now available in paperback, Intensive Fish Farming explains, at a level suited to both the professional and the student, the environmental requirements of fish, the different husbandry systems used, the problems of reprduction, nutrition and disease control. The editors have assembled an international team of experts to provide one of the most authoritative and comprehensive reference works available in this field, meeting the needs of both the academic and commercial world. Separate chapters consider the different aspects of successful intensification operations drawing on examples from the marine farming industry of Japan and the freshwater farming industries of the USA and Israel. A concluding chapter highlights current world trends and future prospects. The overall emphasis of this exceptional text is on the technical and economic factors which determine success in this important growth area of food production.

Fishing Lake And Stream - For Bass, Muskalonge, Pike, Pan Fishes, Salmon And Trout

This early work is an absorbing read for any fishing enthusiast or historian, but also contains much information that is still useful and practical today. A wealth of anecdotal information from different authors that is illustrated with 12 full page plates. Contents Include: The Black Bass; Bait Casting For Bass; Taking Black Bass with the Fly Rod; Live-Bait Fishing for the Black Bass; Muskalonge; Great Northern Pike, Walleyed Pike and Pickerel; Yellow and White Perch, White and Yellow Bass; The Sunfishes - Warmouth, Rock Bass, Crap-Pie and Calico Bass; and Catfish. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.


The Striped Bass Chronicles: The Saga of America's Great Game Fish

The striped bass sustained American colonists throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and went west with nineteenth-century pioneers. During the past one hundred years, however, Atlantic coastal stocks have been overfished three times to the brink of recreational extinction. Today, the stripers are back in such numbers that they're the center of a saltwater fly-fishing revival. Author George Reiger recounts his own relationship to the striped bass, and traces the history of the great sport fish through such angling writers as Henry William Herbert and Robert Barnwell Roosevelt in the nineteenth century, to Joe Brooks and Lefty Kreh in more recent decades. The book also demonstrates that despite today's bounty, the striper could be heading for another collapse unless prevailing fisheries turn to better conservation policies. The Striped Bass Chronicles is a paean to a remarkable fish-and a prayer for its future.



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