Swimming Ponds: Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools: Inspiration For Harmony With Nature (Schiffer Design Books)

Natural swimming pools rely on the correct balance of living plants and micro-organisms to clean and purify the water. They are easy and less costly to maintain than chemical pools. Chlorine and other common pool chemicals that are hazardous to human health are not used. Natural pools are safe places for children to play and birds to drink, and are a dramatic example of ecological design, combining the natural and man-made worlds while creating beauty. These pools offer enjoyment not only in the warm months, but during winter, when they can be used for ice skating. Often the focal point of a garden, a natural swimming pool blends into the environment, flowing into the surroundings with plants and rocks. It reflects the changing seasons and enhances the environment naturally. This book is a necessary resource for people who consider a natural swimming pool. It shows how the natural system works to provide environmental, health, and safety benefits. Drawings, diagrams, and charts help explain their planning, design, biology, materials, construction, planting, and maintenance. Over 300 beautiful color photographs of natural pools will inspire your own water garden, where you can swim in harmony with nature.


Garden Pools and Swimming Ponds Design, Construction, and Landscape

Instructive text and 275 color photos guide readers through all the necessary steps to create natural looking garden pools and swimming ponds. Imagine paradise in your own garden, a combination of bathing pleasure with the possibility of observing nature and recreation. A comprehensive guide to get to what you have dreamed about and how you can contribute directly to the project. For garden ponds, all the steps are explained from planning and installation to filling and final planting. Swimming pond options range from purely natural designs to designs employing some great technology. Learn the operation of a swimming pond: its construction, installation, plantings, maintenance, care, security, and the reconstruction of pools as swimming ponds. This book makes dreams come true.


Swimming Ponds: Natural Pleasure In Your Garden

A swimming pond is beautiful all year round, for it lives and changes with the seasons. Plants, animals, and the water make it an experience for young and old. A swimming pond has practical advantages: it is easy to care for and needs no expensive technology or chemicals. The swimming-pond ecosystem regenerates itself. This book is a source of inspiration for all who dream of having a swimming pond.


Landscaping Earth Ponds: The Complete Guide

The guru of earth ponds explains how to site, design, shape, and plant these beloved fixtures of rural landscapes--and make them fit your property and your life. In the decades since he wrote his acclaimed Earth Ponds, Tim Matson has designed scores of ponds, each unique to its site and its owners. In Landscaping Earth Ponds, he shares what he has learned to make these captivating ponds truly fit into their landscapes and into the lives and lifestyles of their owners. Ponds have long been valued for their charm and utility: how else can you simultaneously enliven your landscape, create recreational opportunities, help the environment, and increase your property value? Earth ponds are increasingly recognized for the full range of gardening, landscaping, and ecological promise they hold. As pond-building methods have been perfected, more homeowners are restoring existing ponds or digging new ones. With dozens of color photographs, Matson shows you how to site a pond in right relation to your house, offering surprisingly simple ways to visually link the two. His proven methods and designs reflect the many moods water evokes. Screen your pond for privacy, create a sandy beach and natural diving platform, encourage wetland gardens, line the shores with moisture-loving perennials, or design your gardens and paths to create a sense of mystery and adventure.

The Complete Guide to Building Backyard Ponds, Fountains, and Waterfalls for Homeowners: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply (Back to Basics)

In today s economy, homeowners are looking for a way to increase the value of their houses in a unique and cost-effective way. According to HGTV, the popular home and garden cable television station, water features are currently among the hottest landscaping trends in the United States, offering a way to increase a home s resell value and providing a creative outlet for homeowners. Whether you are looking to create a lush outdoor paradise, complete with waterfalls and fish-filled ponds, or you simply want a conservative balcony fountain, this book can show you how to build your own backyard escape no matter your budget. According to the Atlanta-based National Pond Society, there are approximately nine million pond hobbyists in the United States today. Water features provide a calm oasis for homeowners to visit after a hectic day. Many new in-ground swimming pools are designed around a waterfall or fountain, and homeowners are adding these features to older pools. If building a pool is beyond your budget, consider adding a small stand-alone fountain to partake in this trend. The Complete Guide to Building Backyard Ponds, Fountains, and Waterfalls for Homeowners provides step-by-step instructions and design plans for building a variety of water features. This book provides you with a brief history of how water features have been used in the architecture of past civilizations and how you can assess your design preferences based on these styles.

Natural Swimming Pools: Conventional Pool Conversion

The huge interest in natural swimming pools, which the author introduced to Britain in 2000, has convinced many owners of a conventional pool to aspire to a natural one. Natural pools stay clean without any chemical treatment; instead, they emulate the ecosystem of a healthy pond. The principle, conceived in Austria more than 20 years ago, is to establish the elements of a natural system - and then let nature take over. Many swimming pool owners do not realise how easily their pools could be converted to the natural system, but converting a conventional pool is usually possible - and much easier and cheaper than starting from scratch. It is also possible to convert an existing garden pond into a natural swimming pool. This book describes the numerous benefits of conversion before moving on to a detailed explanation of how the natural swimming pool system works. The process of planning and designing a pool conversion is shown graphically, making it very easy to understand, and this is followed by an explanation of the actual work of conversion. Projects that have been planned and designed by the author and by specialist natural swimming pool contractors demonstrate how inspiring converted pools can be, and the book is extensively and beautifully illustrated. Armed with this information and copies of the author's two previous books on the subject, Natural Swimming Pools - Inspiration for Harmony with Nature and Natural Swimming Pools - A Guide for Building, to which this book is a supplement, swimming pool owners will be able to proceed with confidence, whether they choose to do some or all of the work themselves, or to commission a landscape designer and contractor to undertake the conversion. Show More Show Less

The Most Beautiful Natural Swimming Pools

About the Author Jean Vanhoof, an authority when it comes to swimming ponds, went looking for the 20 most prestigious ponds in Europe and explains here how the different systems work.

Earth Ponds Sourcebook: The Pond Owner's Manual and Resource Guide, Second Edition

Earth Ponds Sourcebook is the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference book for pond-related books and periodicals; aquaculture manufacturers and suppliers; advocacy groups and organizations; water gardening suppliers, botanical gardeners, and government organizations. Since the book's first publication, the world of ponds has grown dramatically, and this revised edition keeps pace with the latest changes and improvements. An extensive resource section includes bibliographies of books and periodicals, along with Internet addresses. The new expanded resources section includes: pond building; maintenance; activities and use; wildlife; garden ponds; and more. In addition to attracting new readers, the revised Earth Ponds Sourcebook will be useful to previous buyers interested in keeping up on the latest in pond technology, techniques, and supporting organizations. 20 black-and-white photos, 20 illustrations


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