TurboAir® Solar Powered Aerators

TurboAir® Solar Powered Aerators
TurboAir® Solar Powered Aerators TurboAir® Solar Powered Aerators TurboAir® Solar Powered Aerators
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These high-quality solar-direct systems are designed for ponds up to two acres in size. The DC air compressor can handle depths up to 35' and will provide quality aeration during daylight hours when the sun is shining. These systems have no batteries making them a good choice where aeration is essential but the budget doesn't allow for large battery back-up systems.

These plug and play solar systems come complete with high efficiency solar panels, energy efficient compressor, high volume cooling fans, fully adjustable manifold housed in weatherproof ventilated cabinet.Diffusers are micro-bubble technology, self-cleaning, non-clogging membrane diffusers emit millions of tiny bubbles that increase dissolved oxygen levels while eliminating stratification, improving water quality and clarity. The systems are available as solar direct systems with 24 volt direct current pumps.

Free Shipping Within The USA

Solar Aerators are designed to aerate ponds and lakes where you want dependable performance for deeper or larger bodies of water.  This system is built with the best components available and uses high pressure, high output compressors to move lots of air to where you need it most.  This is a direct drive system that operates during moderately cloudy days giving you more run time than other battery free systems with total daily CFM that far exceeds all other solar aerators on the market. We sell the best solar pond aerator in the industry.


Model # DD2-351 DD3-352 DD5-354
Recommended Pond Size 1/4 - 3/4 acre  up to 1.5 acres up to 3 acres
Max Depth 35' 35' 35'
Number of Componants Included With Each System
Air Compressor/Pumps: 1 DC Pump 24V
3.7 CFM of air at 10 psi.
1 DC Pump 24 V
3.7 CFM of air at 10 psi.
1 DC Pumps 24 V
3.7 CFM at 10 psi.
Powder Coated Steel Cabinet 1 1 1
Cooling Fans with Guards 2 2 2
Adjustable air controlled valve outlets 1 2 4
Polycrystalline Solar Panels 2 high output solar panels providing > 600 watts of power. 2 high output solar panels providing > 600 watts of power. 2 high output solar panels providing > 600 watts of power.
Alum frame with Adjustable Mount 1 1 1
Galvanized Mounting Pole 1 1 1
Pressure Relief Valve 1 1 1
Liquid Filled Pressue Gauge 1 1 1
Weighted Airline 100' 200' 500'
EPDM Disc Diffuser Assembly One (2 x 9" EPDM Membrane Discs) Two (1 x 9" EPDM Membrane Discs) Three (1 x 9" EPDM Membrane Discs)

Technical Specifications

Solar Panels & Mounting Hardware

  •  Polycrystalline Solar Panels.
  •  Solar modules are designed specifically for use in OFF GRID applications.
  •  Pre-cut, pre-drilled mounting frames to connect 2 panels in parallel.
  •  High quality adjustable angle mounting bracket with powder coat finish.
  •  Includes quick cable disconnects to make assembly much easier.
  •  Includes a 5’ Galvanized steel mounting pole with instructions.

Tubing & Diffusers

  •  High quality weighted airline that sinks to the bottom of your pond.
  •  Low psi rubber membrane diffusers with stainless steel hardware.

24V DC Direct Drive Piston Compressors

  •  Aerates ponds up to 35’ deep with its piston design.

Aeration Cabinet

  •  Powder coated steel cabinet with secure locking system.
  •  Cabinet includes  2 high efficiency DC fans.
  •  Mounting feet and a post mount kit included.
  •  System includes a pressure gauge and high quality Pressure Relief Valve.

Unique Features:

Each single compressor system comes with 2 high efficiency solar panels that allow you to aerate for more hours each day.

Battery Free operation. We have eliminated the expense of rechargeable batteries and charge controllers by offering a direct drive (DD) aeration system. This reduces your cost along with the maintenance issues associated with a lot of extra components.

Each system includes appropriate panels with aluminum mounting brackets and adjustable pole bracket with variable angle configuration, compressor(s), a solar controller module, heavy duty steel cabinet with locks, mounting pole, solar power disconnect switch, cooling fans, pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve.

Warranty: 15 years panels, airline and diffusers. 2 year warranty on all compressors. 5 years warranty on diffusers.

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