De-Icing Diffuser Assembly for Lake, Pond & Dock Deicing

De-Icing Diffuser Assembly for Lake, Pond & Dock Deicing
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This bottom diffuser uses air to create bubbles to create movement that prevent ice from forming.

Use in depths over 5 feet deep. This de-Icing Diffuser assembly has a coarse bubble diffuser disc with integrated check valve and a self weighted base and sediment reduction plate to reduce stirring of bottom sediments. The diffuser has less aeration efficiency and is used for deicing as the larger bubbles will create more agitation and thus better ice reduction properties.

Requires 2 CFM minimum and 6 CFM maximum.

At 2 CFM of airflow the de-icing diffuser can keep an area open and free from ice of a diameter of about 5 feet per foot of submergence; ie: in 10 feet deep water the diffuser will leave a 50 foot diameter opening.

Comes equipped with barbed hose adaptor for 3/8" hose (can be swapped out for 1/2" or 5/8" barbed hose adaptor if required)

Can be used with rotary vane pumps or piston compressor. Also will work with linear pumps with adequate pressure. Diffuser creates a backpressure equivelant to about 0.4 PSI.

The diffuser also comes as part of our lake deicing kit which includes compressor and cabinet and feeder line.

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