Clipper® Aquatic Herbicide for Duckweed, Watermeal, Pondweed & Milfoil

Clipper® Aquatic Herbicide for Duckweed, Watermeal, Pondweed & Milfoil
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#1 Choice for Duckweed/Watermeal Control

Clipper aquatic herbicide eliminates invasive floating weeds and submerged weeds, such as duckweed and watermeal. It also treats a wide variety of algae and submerged weeds.

  • Great results in just 7-14 days
  • No pond sediment accumulation
  • No swimming or fishing restrictions

Clipper is a new Aquatic Herbicide that is completely safe for use in lakes and ponds. Clipper Aquatic Herbicide selectively controls a number of invasive and nuisance aquatic plants, including submersed plants such as hydrilla, Eurasian watermilfoil, curlyleaf pondweed and cabomba as well as floating plants such as duckweed, giant salvinia, water lettuce and watermeal.

The active ingredient in Clipper is 51% Flumioxazin, which works swiftly and then dissipates quickly from the water column and does not accumulate in sediment. Clipper is a water soluble granular product that is easy to apply, mix, and handle and offers reduced PPE requirements.

Dosage Rate
1 lb treats 300,000 Gallons (1.1 lb per acre-foot)

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Clipper Herbicide will control weeds and algae listed in Table 1 when applied as a broadcast spray with appropriate equipment. For best results, apply Clipper Herbicide to the foliage of actively growing weeds.


Submersed and Floating Weeds Controlled by Subsurface Application
Common Name Scientific Name

  • Coontail Ceratophyllum demersum
  • Duckweed Lemna spp.
  • Fanwort Cabomba caroliniana
  • Hydrilla Hydrilla verticillata
  • Naiad, Southern Najas guadalupensis
  • Pondweed, Curlyleaf Potamogeton crispus
  • Pondweed, Illinois Potamogeton illinoensis
  • Pondweed, Sago Potamogeton pectinatus
  • Pondweed, Variable-Leaf Potamogeton diversifolius
  • Water Fern Salvinia spp.
  • Water Lettuce Pistia stratiotes
  • Watermeal Wolffia spp.
  • Watermilfoil, Eurasian Myriophyllum spicatum
  • Watermilfoil, Variable-Leaf Myriophyllum heterophyllum

Floating and Emerged Weeds
Common Name Scientific Name

  • Alligator Weed Alternanthera philoxeroides
  • Frog’s-bit Limnobium spongia
  • Water Fern Salvinia spp.
  • Water Lettuce Pistia stratiotes
  • Water Pennywort Hydrocotyle spp.
  • Filamentous algae Pithophora
  • Filamentous algae Cladophora

Clipper Herbicide may be applied to the following bodies of water where there is limited or no outflow:
• Bayous
• Canals*
• Drainage ditches
• Lakes
• Marshes
• Fresh water ponds
• Reservoirs
*For application only to non-flowing canal water that will not be released for irrigation until 5 days after application. Application of Clipper Herbicide to public aquatic areas may require special approval and/or permits. Consult with local state agencies, if required.

Active Ingredient By Wt.
* Flumioxazin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      51%
Other Ingredients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        49%
Total 100%
* 2-[7-fluoro-3,4-dihydro-3-oxo-4-(2-propynyl)-2H-
Clipper™ Herbicide is a water dispersible granule
containing 51% active ingredient.


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