Green Clean® PRO Granular Algaecide

Green Clean® PRO Granular Algaecide
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Green Clean PRO® is a non copper based granular algaecide that works quickly to control string algae and other types of pond algae. GreenClean is an algae killer that works on contact to kill algae and help keep ponds clean all year long.

GreenClean PRO can be used for algae control in any water feature such as ponds, water gardens, ornamental waterfalls, fountains and birdbaths. It is a non-hazardous algae killer that is safe for fish, birds and pets once added to the water.
Also great for cleaning concrete, walkways, greenouses and other commercial applications. Ships HAZMAT.

Available Formats: 50 lb bags

APPLICATION (Heavy Algae Growth)

  • Use in ponds over 1/4 acre only due to concentrated nature of product
  • Use 8 - 25 pounds per acre-foot as a preventative every 2 to 4 weeks
  • One 50lb bag treats up to 34 acre-feet
  • Filamentous Algae - 60-90 lbs/ acre foot for curative shock treatment. Then spot treat/ follow up with recommended maintenance doses.
  • Planktonic Algae - 30-60 lbs/ acre foot for curative shock treatment. Then spot treat/ follow up with recommended maintenance doses.
  • Lighter algae growth for both types of algae may require less product, but heavier curative rates help ensure a total kill off of the algae.

As with any algaecide application, we recommend a follow up dose of our Pond Keeper beneficial bacteria to help degrade the resulting dead algae. Pond Keeper should not be added sooner than 48 hours after GreenClean Pro or any other algaecide application.

GreenClean Pro has commercial applications where the use of products containing heavy metals or toxic compounds is a concern to the environment:

Commercial Greenhouse Nursery
Use GreenClean Pro to control algae and plant pathogens under benches, on walkways and groundcovers.

Pond Treatment
Use GreenClean Pro to treat filamentous and planktonic algae in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, water features, and irrigation ponds.

Use GreenClean Pro to treat filamentous and planktonic algae in aquaculture applications to control algae that can cause off flavors.

Waste Water
Use GreenClean Pro to treat water to prevent and control algae that can cause increases in BOD, COD that can cause odors.

Structural Mold Treatment
Use GreenClean Pro to treat a wide variety of hard surfaces such as roofs, walls, walkways, and basements.

50 lb bags

GreenClean Pro is an alternative to algaecides that utilize either copper or synthetic chemicals as their active ingredients.

GreenClean Pro is a granular product that attacks planktonic and filamentous algae on contact. Through the power of oxidation, the treated algae die within hours of being treated. You can actually see it working as you apply GreenClean Pro to the algae.

Benefits include:

  • Immediate Algae Control
  • Environmentally Safe Chemistry
  • Reduced Toxicity
  • No Mutational Resistance
  • EPA Registered
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified for Drinking Water Applications
  • Safe for fish and plants


Once added to water the dry granules lose their toxicity. Be sure any loose granules that did not make it into the pond or water are collected and properly disposed of. Sprinkle it as required...problem solved. Also look for our more potent algae killers! Most algaecides work with beneficial bacteria. Apply bacteria products only 72 hours after using the algaecide.

This product ships via UPS Ground only. HAZMAT Surcharge is included in the price. Shipping is included in the price. Not available in NY.

EPA Reg. No. 70299-4
EPA Est. No. 58996-MO-1

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