Diffuser Disc - 9" Membrane Diffuser Disc

Diffuser Disc - 9" Membrane Diffuser Disc
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9" diffuser disc. Normal airflow range is 0–5 cfm. Equipped with 3/4" MNPT. Single disc or multiple discs can be used with linear air pumps, piston pumps, rotary vane pumps or regenerative blowers. Ideal for everything from small ponds to large lakes. Contact us with questions.12" Diffuser Discs Available at Amazon

Practically invisible due to their dark color, these 9 inch membrane discs are engineered for extended performance. The actual disc diffuser bodies are made of high-strength polypropylene with 3/4" MNPT connections to attach to airlines, manifolds or headers. Each diffuser has an avergae of 6,600 engineered air release orifices, 20% more than some comparable models.

The special design of the matt, flexible and supple EPDM membrane, with its proprietary thickness taper, results in full utilization of the membrane surface, even at low airflow operations. This results in improved oxygen transfer efficiency, along with maximum operational flexibility. The disc diffuser has an integral "triple" check valve to prevent fluid backflow. Resistance is about 10" H2O when clean. Made in USA. Note: Diffusers are also known as airstones, these are membrane diffusers with an HPDM fine bubble perforated system.

Tip: With two 9" discs and some simple plumbing parts and fittings you can build your own assembly. Two discs mounted on a weighted base are sometimes called "aerations assemblies" with brand names like the Vertex "CoActive AirStation" or the AquaMaster Aqua Air "Dual Membrane Diffuser" or the Aeration Technologies "Airpod" or the "AirBoost" or the "SCEPMD2" see where I'm going? Add two of these 9" Membrane discs and some plumbing on to a cement block or stone and you have a fancy-pants aerator for much less expensive than a brand name contraption!

12" Diffuser Discs Available At Amazon

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