Concentrated Liquid Lake Dye - Black Vail® & Blue Vail® - 6 Jugs Bulk Buy

Concentrated Liquid Lake Dye - Black Vail® & Blue Vail® - 6 Jugs Bulk Buy
Concentrated Liquid Lake Dye - Black Vail® & Blue Vail® - 6 Jugs Bulk Buy
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Product Code: Extreme Veil Dark Pond Dye "Natural Lake"
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Bulk 6 x 32 oz of blue black or blue/black pond dye. This lake dye concentrate can be carefully poured into the pond or around the edges where it will be mixed quickly and evenly throughout the pond with the wind or water colum movement. Highly concentrated it is not recommended for use with fountains. It is non-toxic but very concentrated so avoid contact with skin, rocks, plants or clothes as it may temporarily stain.

Sold in cases of 6 quarts.

  • Each quart jug treats 1,300,000 US Gallons (1 acre 4 feet deep)
  • 6 jugs treats 7,800,000 US Gallons (3 acres 12 feet deep)

* Typical treatment lasts 120 days (depending on rainfall and pond outflow)

Available Formats
Blue/Black Vail® Concentrated Lake Dye - 6 Jugs

For the most natural look possible the black/blue vail dye combination is the most natural looking dye as it most mimics the hues and tones of a natural lake.

Black Vail® Concentrated Lake Dye - 6 Jugs
For the darkest shading possible the black vail dye is ideal.

Blue Vail® Concentrated Lake Dye - 6 Jugs
Turns water to a sparkling sapphire blue; ideal for ponds, lakes, fountains, and lagoons.

Pond Vail® Dye benefits:

  • The most Natural dark lake and pond look
  • Black/blue mix filters sunlight more than standard blue dyes
  • Will not stain fish, birds, plants or pets once added to water
  • Non toxic
  • Compatible with most herbicides and algaecides
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets and people

To ensure your pond maintains a natural lake look, the use of beneficial pond bacteria is recommended in conjunction with Blue Pond Dye.

Two quarts treats one acre up to 8 feet deep for up to 120 days depending on the inflow and outflow of the pond or lake. The strongest pond dye available. The quarts per acre are typical for 3 acre feet or you could say each quart will treat 1 million gallons.

Sold in cases of 6 quarts.

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