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The Pond Report assists pond owners, wastewater managers, municipal pond managers, corporate pond owners in any aspect of aeration, bacterial and chemical additives as well as beautifications.

We have clients across North-America and work with private pond owners, municipalites and large and small clients from industrial to water gardens.

We can assist you with layout and design and technical operational guidelines for large and small aeration systems, dock bubblers and deicers as well as provide recommendations for fountain choices and best value purchasing for your organization, group or business of bacteria and algae control products.

Our clients include private pond owners, water-garden enthusiasts, golf-course superintendants and grounds keepers, landscape architects and landscapers, engineering firms and consultants, municipal managers, wastewater plant managers, pond and lake home-owner associations, preservation groups and mining companies.

From algae control and aeration we can help create the proper program for your pond. If you are a group, a private pond owner, a small water garden enthusiast or a large commercial operation we can assist with our range of products and network of experts throughout the USA.

Dock protection, de-icers and bubblers.

dock-deicer.jpgWith the cold weather approaching it is time to think of deicing system and bubblers to protect docks and marinas from freezing ice damage to pilings and docks. We can help choose and plan the best dock bubbler system or de-icer for your pond, lake or pond.

We design and provide products for large and small bubbler and de-icer systems using de-icing bubbler tubing or submersed propeller driven thrust deicers. Every dock protection and deicing system is unique and we can help provide the best system for you.

See our bubblers and deicer products here.

Buying a dock bubbler or a de-icer requires a certain level of expert knowledge. The Internet is full of websites that sell dock Bubblers and promote their simple systems and most claim that they do the job without issue. I have seen disappointment in many purchases because the retailer was more keen on selling their product than actually customizing a bubbler system to meet the specific needs of the clients particular situation.

Industrial Deicing Systems and DesignOur deicing experts have years of experience with design and installation of bubblers and de-icers in mining, stormwater, gas and oilsands and tailings ponds, ski hills, municipal docks and marinas and dam deicing and pumphouse deicing. Using the most efficient systems we can design or recommend the ideal deicing or bubbler system for any job, large or small. Please contact us by email for industrial deicing jobs.

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